Awarded: softgarden is test winner at trusted

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Anyone looking for the right applicant management system today is faced with a huge range of offers. To make the decision easier for potential users, the comparison portal trusted compared…

Anyone looking for the right applicant management system today is faced with a huge range of offers. To make the decision easier for potential users, the comparison portal trusted compared the tools of different providers. The winner of the test was Berlin-based softgarden e-recruiting GmbH.

softgarden rated “very good”

In a large-scale applicant management software comparison, the comparison portal trusted named the solution provider softgarden the test winner with an overall rating of “very good”. A total of 35 systems were compared. Behind softgarden, the tools from the HR software houses Recruitee and Prescreen took a place on the winners’ podium. The applicant management solutions from Haufe and Personio followed a little further behind.

The evaluation criteria:

  • Usability
  • Price
  • Features
  • Interfaces to social media and popular job portals
  • Data protection and security

Highest scores in all evaluation categories for softgarden

The fact that softgarden achieved a top position in the ranking is no coincidence. The solution provider scored the highest points in all evaluation categories. What does the system actually do? An overview: With the tool of the same name, employers optimise the candidate experience, integrate individual departments into the talent selection process via App and thus shorten the application process by more than half the time.

That’s not all. When selecting candidates, employers reach more candidates on social networks with softgarden’s Referral Manager by using their employees’ existing contacts. They also post job offers simultaneously on up to 300 job boards and attract attractive candidates via active sourcing in the exclusive softgarden Talent Network with more than 4,000 new and active talents per month.

Plus points for employer branding

Meanwhile, the unique Feedback Solution from softgarden, which can be integrated into the Career Site, brings decisive plus points for employer branding. Employers use it to automatically generate feedback from applicants and new employees and make it visible on their own website or career page and Google. This provides transparent and authentic insights into the company. More than 1,000 renowned companies of all sectors and sizes count on softgarden’s easy-to-implement cloud solution in the competition for the best candidates.

What is the secret of success? “For years, we have been hearing from applicants day after day how an application should not go, why candidates decide against companies and how other applicants hear about experiences from application hell. We think that applications can be done differently,” says Managing Director Stefan Schüffler, summing up the vision of softgarden. “Where today every delivery service can be evaluated with just one click, the application experience is still far too often the same as a visit to the authorities: long waiting times, phone calls from behind and generally a supplicant atmosphere that is simply no longer in keeping with the times. Since we started looking at the application process through the applicant’s glasses, we have gained a good feeling for what is important to applicants.

The applicant is always the focus at softgarden

An approach that is also particularly praised by the testers from trusted. In the test report, the applicant-centred approach is explicitly highlighted. It says: “With softgarden’s e-recruiting solution, the focus is clearly on the user experience for your applicants. Everything is trimmed for speed and convenience.” The report concludes with a very good conclusion that knows not to name any disadvantages.

Competition does not emerge from the comparison portal test entirely devoid of criticism. At Haufe, Personio and Recruitee, for example, the testers criticise a lack of AGG conformity. But they also hand out praise. Prescreen has the best price-performance ratio. In the case of Recruitee, the testers refer to the company slogan “Recruitee – Build great Teams together” and point out that the tool performs well as an all-in-one solution in companies.

Test victory motivates the company to continuously improve its own services

But back to softgarden once again. The test victory motivates the team to continue working on continuously improving their own services and maintaining the high level. This is not an empty promise. Only recently, the Berlin-based company launched its latest product, the Career Site Pro.

The makers from the applicant management forge know: Today, a good career homepage is an essential part of recruiting. Without it, the quality of applicants takes a nosedive. After all, 86 per cent of talented people today do not apply directly via job advertisements because the information provided there is no longer sufficient for them. Instead, they first research an employer on the web. First and foremost, they stop at the career homepage. Companies that do not have a convincing online employer presence will inevitably lose out.

However, a well-made career site costs a lot of money – and not every company has the necessary budget. This is where softgarden comes in with its new product. With the career site Pro, HR departments can agilely design a modern and professional, SEO and mobile-optimised web presence. This is ensured by the easy-to-use modular system. The career site quickly ensures better performance. Problem solved!

Find out more and get your own impression of our solution. Make a Live Demo Appointment with our experts today. We will be happy to advise you!

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