Employer branding: You can only win over top candidates as a brand!

Your employer brand determines your recruiting success. Optimize your employer branding with softgarden and find not only more candidates, but exactly the top talent that fits your company.

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Your employer brand in recruiting: Never branding story?

You know what it’s like: a shortage of skilled workers, the war for talent and the increased demands of a new generation of applicants. In order to have a chance of attracting top talent in this environment, your company needs to distinguish itself as a strong employer brand and stand out from the competition. Easier said than done, right?


  • think that your company is not presenting itself as it really is?
  • think that your company is not communicating its values and vision clearly enough?
  • have the impression that your company has been “hiding” feedback instead of actively collecting it?
  • have noticed that your internal communication keeps getting stuck?
  • believe that you have hardly used feedback from employees and applicants to optimize your processes so far?

Your employer brand with softgarden: Unmistakable!

Stand out from the crowd – with class

Stand out from the crowd of job advertisements and career pages and attract the attention of capable applicants.

Great employer = great image

Coherent employer branding not only magically attracts top talent, but also strengthens the overall external image of your company.

Attract the right candidates

Show the culture and values of your company. This will attract candidates who share them – for an authentic and attractive applicant experience and successful recruiting.

Employees recruit employees

The stronger your employer brand, the more likely your employees are to recommend your company to others. Your chance to attract top talent for free!

Reduce your recruitment costs

Shorten the time to hire, save advertising costs and use your resources more efficiently.

Keep top employees in the company

With an attractive employer brand, you can keep good employees at your company for longer.

„We live in a feedback society – and recruiting is no exception. That’s why our applicants expect the highest possible level of transparency, which we are happy to offer.“

Christoph Butz

Recruiting Manager
hmmh multimediahaus AG

Make a lasting impression on top candidates

Show your company from its best side

Make a perfect first impression, receive more applications and fill your vacancies faster than ever before.

Simplify your recruiter life

Simplify the candidate journey with automated processes, improve collaboration and make life easier for everyone involved in recruitment.

Convince with honest feedback

Actively collect feedback, present your corporate culture openly and authentically and improve your internal processes at the same time.

Present everywhere with one click

Give your employer brand more reach – with job ads on 1200+ job boards and portals as well as customized media consulting.

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Employer branding with softgarden – become the first choice for top talent

With softgarden’s recruiting solutions, you can strengthen your employer brand on several levels and maximize your chances of attracting the best talent.

Leave the competition behind and win over the employees who will drive your company forward.

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