Sabine Göttlich
“The communication between those involved in recruiting was simply best solved thanks to softgarden.” 

Thomas Bartelsen
“I have not yet met a hiring manager who was not enthusiastic about softgarden.”

Youth Wilken
“Time and time-to-hire are extremely important KPIs for us.”

Success stories
of our customers

+1,500 Companies are already using softgarden. We asked our users why they have chosen us and how softgarden simplifies their recruiting.

An excerpt of our customers

Employers from all sectors and of all sizes count on softgarden in the competition for the best candidates.

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What our customers love about the softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite*

We asked our customers what they appreciate about softgarden.

to Use

State of the Art Usability


free of charge and at any time

Top Employer Branding

Inspire candidates

High time

and time is money

*softgarden Customer Survey 2020

Success Stories

We like to let our customers speak for us, because no one can better explain how softgarden helps them achieve their recruiting goals than our users.

What our softgarden users say

We are faster and better!

45% of our hires come through the career site. The quality and quantity of applications has improved significantly."

Stephen Leverick, Director Team Experience, Testronic

I am a fan!

Time is now a more important recruitment factor than salary. That is why time as a KPI is extremely important to us. softgarden offers an excellent KPI landscape and a user-friendly solution that looks great."

Youth Wilken, Head of Recruiting, Finanzcheck

Candidates thank me!

We offer speed and transparency in the process to attract the best candidates."

Thomas Bartelsen, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Lyreco

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softgarden application processes worldwide

This world map shows you in real time where active applications are currently taking place.

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Why we are the best ATS for you.

Verified reviews on Capterra


The solution is contemporary, close to market needs and, above all, keeps getting better. There is a solution for everything. Nothing that the customer service wouldn’t try to solve. The price-performance ratio is fair, we are absolutely satisfied and can highly recommend softgarden.


Lena Hoffmann


My own experience with softgarden is really excellent. It’s really easy to use, even if you’re not used to applicant management tools in general. It makes the whole recruiting process a lot easier and faster! I can only warmly recommend this tool!
And by the way: the customer support is brilliant! 🙂


Carlotta Herthel-Nissen


I have gained the advantage that my job as a recruiter is much more effective and descriptive. With softgarden, recruiting is fun and not an extra task for which you have to take extra time.


Alexandra Rist


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