Engaging new team members – with a tailored onboarding solution

softgarden Onboarding Solution: Welcome new employees with a personalized onboarding process. It’s easy – with the comprehensive onboarding solution from the award-winning softgarden.

  • New employees can hit the ground running thanks to a structured onboarding process
  • Reduce onboarding costs, increase employee engagement
  • For companies of any size

49 %

decide for or against an employer based on onboarding

21 %

have quit due to a poor onboarding process

87 %

want to know about the onboarding process beforehand

90 %

want feedback from their employer during onboarding

Less paperwork, more time for real connections

From preboarding to onboarding to offboarding: softgarden’s onboarding solution assists you with every step of the onboarding process.

Automate administrative onboarding tasks

Forget about boring routine tasks and focus fully on the onboarding of your new team members. Keep everyone involved in the process in the loop – with automated messages, recurring events & workflows.

Get new employees up to speed quickly

Quickly integrate new members into the team and ensure that they can hit the ground running. With the perfect mix of best practices and customization, you can tailor your onboarding processes.

Design onboarding processes with ease

Your company is unique – design all contact points to match your corporate identity and strengthen your employer brand. Whether it’s the welcome page or personalized messages.

Effectively integrate remote workers

Offer remote staff a central point of contact for all questions and concerns. The web-based welcome page is available to them at all times. Our multilingual solution is also perfect for international teams.

Set and track goals for new employees

Set individual goals to make the onboarding process clear and comprehensible for everyone involved. You can easily track the progress of your team members online.

Connect seamlessly to the hiring process

You’re using our softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite already? Then simply start the onboarding process in the software and all relevant data will be transferred automatically. It’s so easy!

Overview of our onboarding solution

Structured onboarding with softgarden pays off – new employees are part of the team right from the start.


  • Assemble your onboarding team: Manager, onboarding buddy, and additional people as needed.
  • Assign first tasks, such as choosing a laptop or filling out the personnel questionnaire.
  • Professionally greet new employees even before their first day.

Welcome page

  • Assign tasks to new employees via an interactive welcome page
  • Design the look of the welcome page to match your company’s corporate design
  • Include a welcome message, answer frequently asked questions, place links and other important information
  • Decide which information should be available before the first day of work and which only after joining the company – such as the link to time and absence tracking

Automated tasks

  • Easily gather information thanks to interactive tasks, for example through input fields or document uploads
  • Save time with recurring tasks, such as monthly welcome meetings
  • Automatically send email notifications and notify about new or overdue tasks conveniently


  • Combine multiple tasks into a workflow
  • Automatically assign tasks to certain groups of people at specific times or when a certain event occurs.
  • Adapt the process for different target groups and save the result as reusable templates


  • Choose between German, English and French as the display language for the software
  • Also send tasks and automatic notifications in these languages.

Everything for the perfect onboarding

With our extensive range of features, you can easily professionalize your onboarding process

Welcome Page

The Welcome Page is the central point of contact for new employees. Here they can find upcoming tasks and other helpful information such as links and answers to frequently asked questions.

There are two versions of the Welcome Page: New employees see the public version before their first day at work. The internal version is only visible after the first day on the job. It can be used to securely display information that only employees are allowed to see (such as the link to time and absence tracking).

The Welcome Page can be flexibly customized in the company’s corporate design.

Preboarding Tasks

The onboarding process typically begins even before the first working day, with preboarding. The new team member can be contacted via an existing e-mail address. First tasks, such as selecting a laptop or filling out a personnel questionnaire can be assigned, too.

You can also involve internal stakeholders in the preboarding process: Hiring managers, buddies and other people – even entire departments. They can complete tasks and ensure that all internal preparations are completed on the first day of work.

Onboarding Tasks

On the first day on the job, the new team member receives a login to the internal Welcome Page. There they can see all upcoming tasks and further information. Other people and/or departments can also be involved in this step. This ensures a good start in the company and a short onboarding period.

Reboarding Tasks

In addition to classic onboarding for new employees, processes for reboarding or joining another team can be created as well.

Offboarding Tasks

Assure employees a smooth departure from the company thanks to offboarding processes in which tasks are automatically triggered (e.g. blocking IT access).

Workflows (Flows)

Flow templates are a collection of several tasks that need to be completed by certain groups of people at certain times before or after the first day on the job.

Flow templates are reusable. This means that you can prepare onboarding processes for different target groups efficiently.

Automatic assignment of tasks from templates

As soon as the onboarding process is triggered for an employee, the responsible parties involved are defined. Once the onboarding process has begun, tasks are automatically distributed to all those responsible as specified in the Flow template.

Tasks that require an action

Tasks can be combined with optional or mandatory responses. The options available are file upload, single-choice question and free-text question.

The response is stored in the employee profile and automatically forwarded to set recipients.

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks are repeated at certain intervals. For example, you can create a series of events for a monthly welcome meeting. The next event in the series is displayed to new employees as a task.

Tasks for internal colleagues

In addition to the HR manager and the new employee, other internal roles can be involved in the process. In addition to supervisors and onboarding buddies, these could be contact persons from other departments, for example.

In the Flow templates, tasks are assigned to the respective roles. During the onboarding process, these are automatically distributed to the people concerned.

Internal colleagues can view their pending tasks in a list and complete them.

Email notifications

Notifications of pending and overdue tasks will be sent automatically from the system.
Additionally, summaries with overdue and upcoming tasks for this week are regularly sent out.

Feedback on completed tasks

For each individual task, you can specify whether an automatic notification should be sent to certain recipients

Progress monitoring

The HR department, Managers and Administrators can track the progress of the onboarding processes and check open or pending tasks.

Multilingual interface

The user interface of the Onboarding Solution is available in three language versions: German, English and French. Tasks and automatic notifications are also available in multiple languages.

Seamless integration with applicant tracking system

Onboarding for a new employee can be started in the softgarden applicant management system. All relevant data is automatically transferred to the onboarding process.

Cross-platform availability

All components of the softgarden Onboarding Solution are 100% web-based and can therefore be used on any platform. All you need to access them is an internet-enabled device with a web browser (e.g. computer, laptop or smartphone) and a connection to the internet.

Secure data and documents

Use the role manager to flexibly determine who has access to information and documents that are collected during the onboarding process.

You can also customize this for each individual task. For example, you can ensure that IT only has access to IT-relevant responses from the new employee.

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softgarden is a leading European HR tech solution for innovative recruiting. We are one of the core leaders among European providers of Talent Acquisition Suites - according to the Fosway 9-Grid(TM) Recruiting Report 2022 and 2023.

Companies of all industries and sizes attract the best candidates with softgarden. Our cloud-based suite includes applicant management, career site, automatically generated employer reviews and an employee referral tool.

Our solutions reduce the time-to-hire by more than half – and increase the quality and quantity of incoming applications. This enables you to achieve the necessary speed in recruiting to attract and successfully hire highly sought-after talent.


Frequently asked questions and answers about softgarden's Onboarding Solution.

Your personal customer service representative is available to you free of charge on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. via chat, email and telephone.

softgarden fulfills all requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and enables you to recruit in compliance with the law.

You don't need to install softgarden's cloud solution or set up any IT infrastructure. During onboarding, we get you up and running within a few weeks.

Our software is hosted on ISO-certified German servers that are regularly subjected to penetration tests to ensure security.

No, we believe that recruiting is teamwork. That's why we don't limit the number of users and don't charge for new users.

softgarden is already connected to numerous third-party providers via our Marketplace. Contact us if you have any questions about the integration.

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