About softgarden

Attract. Convert. Hire.

We offer the software to turn job seekers into applicants. We apply highly efficient principles of e-commerce to recruiting and thus optimally attract interested parties.

With our software, employers create more reach and thus attract the attention of more job seekers. Through better employer branding and employee recommendations, even passive candidates become applicants. Our unique Feedback Solution encourages applicants and employees to make evaluations about their employer publicly available. This creates an authentic overall picture of your company and strengthens the employer brand. With the help of the applicant tracking system, personnel can express appreciation for applications by reacting quickly. Thanks to the mobile application, managers are brought on board and decisions are made faster and more reliably.

This is how, day by day, softgarden creates an advantage for over 1000 companies in the competition for the best candidates.



softgarden was founded by Stefan Schüffler and Dominik Faber.



work at three locations in Berlin, Saarbrücken and Krakow.



overall use our software and media consultancy.

Our Management-Team


Mathias Heese

Chief Executive Officer

Drawing from 17 years of experience in digital business, e-commerce, sales and marketing as well as his time as Vice President at ImmobilienScout24, Mathias has been CEO of softgarden since 2017.


Stefan Schüffler

Chief Technical Officer

As a co-founder Stefan planted the seeds for softgarden and is still CTO today. He heads the software development in the Saarbrücken office.


Martin Behrend

Chief Financial Officer

Martin joined softgarden in 2014 and brings 18 years of experience in finance and financial management at Groupon, Acrolinx and Flaconi to the team.

Our Team

Interested in the future of recruiting and want to become part of a young, diverse team in the field of HR software? 

Our History


softgarden is founded

Stefan Schüffler and Dominik Faber founded softgarden in Saarbrücken to develop websites. From 2003 onwards, they fully concentrate on the development of applicant management software.


First big ticket

With O2 Germany, they win their first big ticket. Within one year, more than 1,000 new team members are hired using the applicant tracking software from softgarden.


softgarden merges with job portal 1000jobboersen.de

This enables our customers to post the right job ads on over 300 job portals.


Unique Feedback Solution published

Get ahead with employer branding: our Feedback Solution automatically requests feedback on application processes and the work environment from employees and applicants. This feedback can then be integrated with careers pages, Google rankings and on kununu.com. Thus, our customers create trust and transparency with job seekers.


Mobile app for decision makers developed

Managers from the specialist departments are thus also involved in the decision-making process on a mobile basis. Since then, our customers have reduced their time-to-hire by up to 60 percent.


Career Site Pro launched

Create careers pages according to the modular principle: best practices from online marketing, independent of developers, optimised for search engines. Thanks to the seamless integration of ratings and candidate management, the career site becomes the heart of the candidate journey.

22 Nov 2019
22 Nov 2019

softgarden wins HR Excellence Awards 2019 and is named Best HR Software

December 2019
December 2019

softgarden has grown this year by 33 percent to 112 employees in order to prepare for the future


softgarden is growing

softgarden has cracked the thousand mark and is one of the top innovation leaders in talent acquisition and candidate management with more than 1,000 customers (+300 in 2020) across Europe.

With remote teams based in various locations such as BerlinSaarbrückenKrakowNice and Spain, softgarden digitisesinnovates recruiting and provides numerous new features such as the free video interview or the Smart Calendar.

Our Customers & References

More than 1000 companies already use softgarden for recruiting and 3600 for media service, including:

Awards and Distinctions

Hire the best candidates with fast recruiting processes

Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


Inspire candidates with authentic employer reviews

Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates