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Highlighted features of the applicant tracking software.

Unlimited users

Recruiting is a team effort, so we don't limit your number of users. Everyone involved in your recruiting process gets access with the appropriate rights and roles.

Fast interview coordination

Connect your calendar and coordinate interview appointments with candidates and your recruiting team quickly and easily.

Multi-client capability

Recruiting for parent companies and subsidiaries is simply done with mandates. That way, you can prevent chaos.


The Applicant Tracking Software is available in over 15 languages. Nothing stands in the way of your expansion.


Invite applicants to the video interview and send the meeting link automatically.

Making decisions faster

Use the interview scorecards to evaluate candidates according to individually defined criteria and weightings. This way, you can make transparent decisions.

Talent Pool

Use the interview scorecards to evaluate candidates according to individually defined criteria and weightings. This way, you can make transparent decisions.


Use the interview scorecards to evaluate candidates according to individually defined criteria and weightings. This way, you can make transparent decisions.

Success monitoring and reporting

Evaluate your time to hire, time to interview, success rate, recruiting channels, reasons for rejection and much more. In addition, you can create your reports with minimal effort.

Individual application process

Adapt the application process to your needs and create your workflows and processes.

GETA-compliant communication

GETA-compliant templates for e-mail and PDF letters for communicating with candidates. Complete and transparent at all times.

iOS & Android App

With the app for hiring managers, you can better involve decision-makers in the process. The app is available for iOS and Android, DSGVO-compliant and encrypted multiple times.

Integrate headhunters

Invite external headhunters or recruiters into your software and save yourself the e-mail ping-pong. External recruiters upload new applicant profiles in compliance with data protection laws.

Active sourcing in the softgarden network

Discover exciting profiles in the softgarden network with more than 4,000 new and actively searching candidates per month.

Recruit as a team

Stelle für jede Stellenausschreibung ein Recruiting-Team zusammen, um euch schneller abzustimmen. Via Chat, Kommentaren oder Ratings.

GDPR-compliant recruiting

The applicant tracking system makes it possible to map every application step in a GDPR-compliant manner and ensures the security of applicant data with multiple certified servers.

Role configurator

Create and manage individual roles and rights for your users. This way, you always have an overview of who can perform which actions.

Single Sign-on

No more remembering additional logins. Connect softgarden to your Active Directory.


On an individual dashboard, you can see all your pending tasks and quickly get an overview of deadlines, to-dos and the most important key figures.

Structured applicant data

CV parsing and LinkedIn integration make candidates apply faster and give you comparable data sets that make it even easier to identify top candidates.

Personnel requirements

Define flexible approval processes when requesting new job postings and obtaining or granting approvals.

The software that meets your recruiting needs

For companies of all sizes and industries, starting from just €99 per month.

Manage incoming applications faster

Applicant Tracking

  • iOS / Android app for hiring managers
  • Multiposting on 1.200+ job boards
  • Job ad templates
  • CV parsing

more features

Everything to hire the best matching candidates

Talent Acquisition Suite
incl. Applicant Tracking Software

  • Career Site
  • Employer Reviews
  • Multiposting on 1.200+ job boards
  • Employee Referrals (optional)

Excellent support always included:

  • unlimited users
  • no hidden costs
  • free support via telephone, chat or e-mail
  • personal Customer Success Agent

3 good reasons

Why the softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite is just the right thing for you.

Better applications

Target candidates more precisely by giving them the information they need in the right place. That way, the right talent applies to your jobs.

-15 days shorter time to hire

Shorten your time to hire by an average of 15 days with the softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite. You are filling your open vacancies better and faster.

Lower costs

Build your independent and dedicated entry channels
and post jobs only where your desired candidates will find them.

Multiple award-winning

Recruiting is highly secure with softgarden.

In comparison

Applicant Tracking Software vs. Talent Acquisition Suite

Applicant Tracking

Talent Acquisition Suite


Easy management of applications

Mobile app for hiring managers

Templates for job ads and messages

Fast interview coordination

Career Site

Employer Reviews

Job landing pages

Inline integrated job ads

Apply with WhatsApp


Frequently asked questions and answers about the softgarden recruiting software.

Your customer success manager is available free of charge and can be reached by chat, email and phone on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

We agree on the duration of the contract with you individually. Usually, our customers opt for a term of 12 months.

Of course. Your consultant will be happy to create a test account for you and your team.

The softgarden cloud solution does not need to be installed, and you do not
need to set up an IT infrastructure. We will have you ready to go within a few weeks.

That’s not a problem. You can upgrade at any time and publish more jobs. We can downgrade your license regularly if your personnel requirement is significantly lower.

Yes, of course. softgarden acts as an open platform so that you can connect your already-used software via interfaces. We have already linked a lot of third-party solutions. You can find more in our Marketplace.

We host our software on ISO-certified German servers; regular penetration tests guarantee security.

We believe that recruiting is a team effort. That is why we do not limit the number of users or charge for new users.

softgarden is already connected to numerous third-party providers via the Marketplace. Contact us if you have any questions about connecting.