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You don't have to hide your reviews any more

It's time for transparency.
Your applicant inbox will thank you for it.

Real reviews by your applicants and employees

We generate reviews by your applicants and new employees for you. Automatically, anonymously and verified.

More trust through

Do you check online reviews before booking a trip or ordering a pizza? Candidates do the same.

Make the interview and onboarding an experience

Feedback helps you to optimise your internal processes. This ensures you get better and better reviews.

The boost for your employer brand experience

You shine in job interviews when asked about your reviews. After all, your score improves by an average of 20 %.

Make your employer reviews a success

It is not only really easy with softgarden, but it is also really helpful.

More reviews

More reviews thanks to automation: Your applicants and new employees review the application and onboarding experience. All the reviews are verified by us and checked for compliance with the review guidelines.

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With one click, you can make your positive reviews visible on your career page and in your job ads. This provides candidates with reviews in exactly the right place.


Better on Google: Your reviews will help you get a better search engine ranking. Google Jobs will also give your job ads a better ranking.

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Reviews are worth their weight in gold

That is how our customers see it too.


Frequently asked questions and answers about softgarden employer reviews.

Of course. At softgarden we comply with all standards of the EU General Data
Protection Regulation.

As a rule, you can improve your reviews simply by generating more reviews. If you ask more frequently, you will get more answers.

That way, those who would otherwise not have given feedback review you. And
you can use their feedback to improve your application and onboarding processes.

Reviews are user-generated content, which Google rates as particularly valuable
and rewards with better visibility.

Your reviews are directly visible in your ATS. Also for applicants, on your career page, your job advertisements and your certificate page.

Only your applicants and new employees receive a request to write a review. In addition, we check all reviews for compliance with the review guidelines.

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