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Updated on: 13. May 2024

The year 2020 was marked by the buzzwords “remote working“, “home office“ and, in the world of HR, “online recruiting”. As a company that has been working on the digitization…

The year 2020 was marked by the buzzwords remote working, home office and, in the world of HR, “online recruiting”. As a company that has been working on the digitization of recruiting processes for years, we knew that the biggest challenges would come to those companies that had to go digital with recruiting and had never worked this way before. But we also knew that we could help them make a smooth transition to a new way of recruiting. Our goal for the past year was to help our clients recruit faster, easier and better. See what that plan looked like in action here!

Speeding up recruitment

We know that a major problem for companies looking to hire top talent is time. The best candidates aren’t on the job market for long, and lengthy recruiting processes can be daunting. On the organisational side, tough times also require a quick response to changing business circumstances and the ability to recruit the team you need quickly. Our answer to the need for additional acceleration was Smart Calendar, a solution that allows the work of arranging interviews to be streamlined. Currently, a recruiter working in the  softgarden ATS can check the availability of colleagues directly in the system, select an appointment or multiple options that are suitable for all participants, and send a proposed appointment to the candidate with a few clicks. This eliminates the time spent on sending emails with the time availability of multiple participants.There was also an acceleration in the pre-selection process, as the new extended view in the system saves time when browsing through a large number of applications.We have also improved the system for approving candidates, so that even in organisations where there are several levels, it is possible to confirm the acceptance of the selected people in the shortest possible time.

Michał Janas of the softgarden team met with expert HR Adrian Martinez for this online summary. The following text, is a brief summary of their conversation at our last webinar.

Making work easier

We know how much time recruiters spend using our software every day. That’s why we want to make it easier and more enjoyable for them to work in the system! An important innovation in the softgarden recruiting system is Agency Module, a solution that simplifies the cooperation with external recruiters and headhunters. They can now share our software with our clients, enter their candidates directly into the system and track the effectiveness of each application. For recruiters, this means they no longer have to exchange hundreds of emails about incoming applications, but have more transparency in their recruiting processes and full clarity on the effectiveness of each external partner. Of course, this also means faster processes for both the recruiting team and the applicants. We have also enriched our Mobile Application with new features! Now it is no longer just a tool for internal communication within the team and for evaluating applications, but also an effective means of communicating with candidates, forwarding applications within individual workflows or viewing key figures on clear dashboards.

Find out how our solutions make your recruitment processes easier and faster!

Let our experts show you the full functionality of the Talent Acquisition Suite softgarden.

A number of improvements

Thanks to the cooperation with softgarden partners, we can offer our customers many additional solutions that help them to carry out their recruitment processes even better – tailored to the situation on the labour market, the target group or the expectations of the candidates.

A key facility we made available to all our clients in response to the new recruitment challenges of 2020 was the introduction of a free video interview facility for candidates to arrange and conduct directly from the ATS solution. This not only helped recruiters, who no longer had to think about which interview software to use, but also helped candidates – they could join the interview directly from a link sent by the system, without having to install any new software.

We‘ve also taken care of the candidate experience by improving our modular career page builder and providing new ad templates. With the ability to create custom career pages for different audiences, recruiters can now tailor their communications to specific audiences – for example, by job seniority, specialisation, or location.

There was also the study we did on the German market 2020, where we reviewed, among other things, the opinions of companies and candidates on the digitalization of recruitment and whether they feel fully prepared for it as employers.

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