softgarden: Core Leader in European Talent Acquisition Suites

Updated on: 13. May 2024

softgarden is one of the core leaders among European providers of talent acquisition suites. This is the result of the current Fosway 9-Grid™ Recruiting Report. This is independent recognition of…

softgarden is one of the core leaders among European providers of talent acquisition suites. This is the result of the current Fosway 9-Grid™ Recruiting Report. This is independent recognition of our quality as a candidate acquisition solution.

The Fosway 9-Grid™ is a multi-dimensional model that allows recruiting providers to be compared in various dimensions such as performance, potential, market presence, costs and future market development. To do this, Fosway builds nine different categories. Among the core leaders, Fosway ranks European providers with currently very good performance and good potential for future challenges. The British analyst also certifies softgarden’s favourable total cost of ownership.

Intelligent recruiting solutions are in demand

Companies need to do more for their recruiting: According to Fosway, 59 % of European companies are currently planning to increase their recruiting spending. Companies need a recruiting approach that relies on intelligent, holistic software solutions in an increasingly challenging labour market situation. We have been developing softgarden into such a Talent Acquisition Software for years. In doing so, we have remained true to our principle of simultaneously keeping an eye on the recruiter’s and the candidate’s perspective to offer suitable solutions for candidate-oriented markets.

Feedback solution, career page, employee recommendation

Professional applicant management alone is no longer enough for employers to survive in an increasingly challenging candidate market. That’s why we offer our more than 1,500 customers comprehensive solutions for talent acquisition. Here are a few examples: In 2017, we were the first provider in Germany to launch software for employer reviews, which can be used to generate authentic feedback from applicants and employees and make it visible on the employer’s career site. This is great for your online reputation and can be used as an SEO booster because Google loves review content. With our Career Site Pro, employers have been creating a convincing, SEO-optimized and conversion-oriented career site in no time at all for several years. Our employee referral tool is easy to integrate into our suite for more reach.

A trend towards Talent Acquisition Suites

According to Fosway, talent acquisition suites such as softgarden are currently in high demand. Traditional applicant management needs enhanced functions for candidate acquisition, outreach and relationship management. Talent acquisition suites are presently driving much of the innovation, according to Fosway. They are particularly well placed to permanently expand their offering with functions that fit the rapidly changing conditions in the candidate markets. 

Candidate markets in motion

And there is more and more movement in the candidate markets: After a certain dampening of momentum due to the pandemic, recruiting is picking up full speed. In the USA the “Big Quit” or the “Great Resignation” has been in discussion for quite some time now: Employees have begun to focus more on their needs and goals during the corona pandemic and are leaving their usual employers in droves. A similar phenomenon is also on the horizon for the rest of Europe. Not only are candidates becoming scarcer, but so are those responsible for finding them.

Recruiting departments under pressure

Recruiters themselves are becoming a scarce resource. As the US HR association SHRM reports, advertisements for recruiters have tripled from January 2019 to January 2022. This is also a harbinger of similar conditions in Europe. Recruiting teams in companies are coming under increasing pressure. Companies have to navigate uncertain terrain. The increased competition for tomorrow’s employees is compounded by Big Quit, the Ukraine war, climate change, digitalisation, and the changing demands of job applicants on their employers. There will probably be no return to the situation before March 2020 (see our New Era of Work studies).

We are very pleased that the consistent development of softgarden into a comprehensive Talent Acquisition Suite has now been acknowledged by a renowned analyst for recruiting solutions. The British Fosway Group has been conducting studies for the European market on the topics of HR, talent management and learning for 25 years.

Go to the Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for Talent Acquisition & Recruiting.

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