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How to make tech recruiting a success – with softgarden and Codility

In times of the talent war, recruiting and hiring tech employees is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. Being fast and efficient is becoming increasingly important as top candidates are off the job market in days, not weeks. In the following article, we will show you how the softgarden and Codility integration can help you speed up your hiring process.

Digitalisierung im Recruiting durch Videointerview

Trends in recruiting: What will really matter from 2021 onwards

For the past year, nothing in the world of work has been the same. A lot has changed in human resources as well. For example, entirely new recruiting trends have emerged that were not at the top of HR managers’ agendas a year ago. Many of them revolve around the digitization of recruiting. We present the most important HR trends to you.


Selection of applicants: Criteria that matter

Imagine that you have a vacancy to fill and receive hundreds of applications. How do you choose the right applicants for interviews? Which characteristics do you use to decide for or against an applicant? It makes sense to structure the process from the beginning and define criteria for the selection of applicants. We can give you some tips.


Hire the best candidates with fast recruiting processes

Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


Inspire candidates with authentic employer reviews

Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates