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Making good application processes visible

Mit den Lösungen der softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite hat der Premiumschuhhersteller und -händler LLOYD Arbeitgeber-Reputation und Image innerhalb kürzester Zeit messbar verbessert.

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Über Lloyd Shoes

LLOYD Shoes is a manufacturer of men's and women's shoes as well as leather jackets and accessories. Since its foundation in 1888, LLOYD has been perfecting the manufacture of special shoes in terms of quality, comfort and design. The company's products are exported to more than 60 countries and are available at over 3,700 points of sale.


Branche: Handel
Größe: 1600 Mitarbeiter
Kunde seit: 2017
Gesuchte Jobprofile: Sales and service staff

Using the solutions of the softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite, the premium shoe manufacturer and retailer LLOYD has measurably improved its employer reputation and image within a very short space of time.

„At first we didn’t really believe it, but after two days the actual implementation was complete and the system was ready for use. We were able to get the store managers to take on the role of reviewer in no time at all. And they even enjoy it. It was clear to us that we had already attached great importance to good applicant communication. But feedback like this is great feedback for our work. We have been able to increase our kununu score from 3.7 to 4.1 since introducing the feedback tool. Our excellent application process is now visible to everyone.

Gordon Behrens, Staff lead LLOYD

Stepping up to the plate: LLOYD’s recruiting had to become faster and more visible

Premium shoe manufacturer LLOYD is on a growth course and is constantly looking for new employees for the German market.

LLOYD’s previous recruiting solution had reached its limits. It was no longer able to meet the increased requirements of a candidate-orientated market.

The company is primarily looking for experienced sales staff and service employees. The general shortage of skilled labour, demographic change and high staff turnover in the retail sector make the search a major challenge.

In light of this, LLOYD needs to be easily recognisable as an attractive employer and convince potential employees with quick and simple processes.

It’s a shoe-in: 66% faster staffing with softgarden

With this in mind, LLOYD introduced the softgarden recruiting solution in 2017.

Before deciding in favour of softgarden, LLOYD reviewed ten recruiting solutions. Three made it onto the shortlist and were evaluated against a comprehensive catalogue of criteria.

The main deciding factors in favour of softgarden were its ease of use and high level of process orientation. LLOYD integrates many managers into the process who play a key role in recruiting. The shoe retailer was impressed by both the high level of convenience of the one-click application and the ease of use for those involved in the recruitment process.

With the implementation of the new software, LLOYD also took the step into the cloud in recruiting. The setup was completed after just a few days.

The involvement of the store managers has improved significantly. The communication effort in the decision-making process at LLOYD has become much lower as a result. The company saves time and resources overall.

With softgarden, LLOYD only needs a third of the time to fill an open position. This is an invaluable advantage in a market that is increasingly focussing on candidates.

LLOYD saves time and costs and measurably improves its image

Thanks to the introduction of softgarden, LLOYD is able to impress its candidates with a modern, fast and transparent recruiting solution. The shoe specialist now fills vacancies much faster and saves time and money in the process.

  • Reduce effort: Thanks to integrated multiposting, LLOYD advertises on many different job markets from within the system.
  • Feedback Solution: LLOYD collects standardised evaluations from applicants and employees and presents them on the employer evaluation platform kununu.
  • Improved image: The feedback solution from softgarden ensures greater transparency. LLOYDY’s very good process is now much more visible and the score has improved from 3.7 to 4.1.

Download now: Case study ‘Making good application processes visible’

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