Social Recruiting – What You Need to Know before Taking the Plunge.

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Dipping your toes into the pool of social recruiting for the first time can feel akin to stepping out of the sauna and into the plunge pool – it’s scary…

Dipping your toes into the pool of social recruiting for the first time can feel akin to stepping out of the sauna and into the plunge pool – it’s scary but it’s worth it!

Thanks to a steady rise of social networking (and therefore social recruiting) it’s basically a given that you’re going to have to take the plunge sooner or later, so here’s a few top tips to ease you out of the safety net.

Social Recruiting Taking The Plunge

1. Don’t be afraid to be the first

It might feel weird if no one else doing it but don’t be afraid to tread the first tracks. With a little adaptation it’s easy to turn any social networking site into a fantastic recruitment tool.

Naturally, social networks are primarily designed for socializing which means you’re unlikely to find tips from say, Twitter, on how to source candidates. This is why it’s good to always do a quick Google search to see what you can dig up beforehand.

Of course you can always find tips and advice right here on the softgarden blog too. Want to try your hand at Pinterest? Or perhaps Instagram is more your style, take a look at our how-to tutorials:

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However, you don’t need to stop at articles – When searching Google don’t forget to change your search criteria to include videos and images. There’s a wealth of video tutorials to be found online as well as inforgraphics, which are great for laying out information in nice bite-size peaces.

With a little research you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of social recruiting. However even if you’re sold, the rest of the office might still need a little swaying…

2. Know your facts

Social recruiting is big news, and for good reason. It’s a great way to source new talent, that’s why 92% of companies use it. However even if you don’t need convincing, it’s good to have some stats up your sleeve for any stuck-in-the-mud colleagues.

Here’s some social recruiting facts to start you off:

  • Social recruiting quickens time to hire by 33%
  • Candidate quality is improved by 49%
  • Social recruiting yields more candidates by 43%
  • The quality of employees is increased by 32%

Jobvite 2013

Pretty persuasive aren’t they? Not to mention the fact that employees found via social recruiting tend to stay over 50% longer than their job board counterparts. If that doesn’t swing HR I don’t know what will.

3. Figure out what’ll work for you

The social recruiting world is your oyster; all you need to do is choose your weapon. Already Twittering on Twitter? Famous on Facebook? Linked up on LinkedIn?

It’s worth staying on the beaten track to get the most out of your first attempt at social recruiting, but don’t let familiarity stop you from broadening your horizons.

LinkedIn in is popularly used by over 259 million professionals worldwide, however it’s also completely oversaturated with recruiters. In the past year social recruiting has progressed in leaps and bounds, and it will continue to do so – meaning there’s no need to rely on the old favorites.

Google+ and Facebook for example, both have excellent search features which enable you to scour the web for key words or terms i.e. “Engineers working in London” or “Graphic designers in North Germany”. This means you can search for candidates worldwide, for free, in minutes.

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4. Remember your Manners!

A while ago I wrote an article for The Undercover Recruiter which discussed the ‘etiquette’ of social recruiting. I used the term ‘granddad sending a text for the first time’ since first attempts at social recruitment can so easily come across as overly formal and awkward to your candidates.

Unless you’re using LinkedIn, remember you’re reaching out to people on a social site, not a recruitment site. Bear in mind that many people don’t expect recruiters to be searching for candidates on social networks, and many aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. Search for your candidates in areas that are relevant to your business to avoid coming across as a cold-caller

For example: You own a cupcake business, you search for cupcake forums or groups near you. You take a look at the biggest commenters, contributors, find out more about them via their various social media outlets and like what you see. You then send a friendly message explaining how you stumbled across them and why you feel like they could be a good fit for your business. Makes sense right?

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5. Don’t expect any credit

When you’re the only one in the office flying the social flag, don’t expect anyone else to be excited about the fact that your post was shared a hundred times on Facebook (sorry!).

Social recruiting is gratifying in other ways, i.e. when you land an awesome hire based on your efforts; That’s when you can expect a pat on the back.

Have I damped your spirits enough?? Don’t worry, social recruiting doesn’t have to be a long lonely road. Least of all it’s way more fun than traditional recruitment, plus when it pays off you’ll be one of the most popular people in the office, what’s not to like about that?

Take the leap and go social (before someone else does).

Image Reference – Flickr JTorva

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