Study – How digitally fit are applicants?

What online usage behaviour do applicants have? Do they prefer mobile or desktop devices? And what influence does online consumption have on applicant behaviour? You can find out in our…

Does online shopping also influence applicant behaviour?

Applicants are also online consumers and users, so our study not only sheds light on whether applicants prefer to apply on mobile or via their desktop PC, but also on what the basic usage behaviour of devices and applications is.

6,264 applicants gave us answers on the following topics:

  • How often they use online applications
  • Their preferred use of devices such as smartphones or notebooks
  • Which devices they favour for the job search as well as the application

“System error – all over again”

Applicants shop online and have their food delivered with one click – so they are used to user-optimised interfaces. Applicants should not be discouraged from applying by a cumbersome application process. It’s time for HR to adapt to digitally fit applicants!

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