Candidate Experience 2020 (Part 3): Impact on the Candidate Journey

Find out which entry points job seekers prefer and how the different channels influence the applicant’s perception of the application process.

In this part of the study, we asked applicants at which job channel they begin their candidate journey and how these different entry points affect their decision for an application.

In the first part, we analysed the characteristics of the entry points into the candidate journey, such as the career website, job ads or Google for Jobs, and the impact of employer ratings. Part 2 of the study deals with the process of applications. It reveals how fast processes have become a habit and therefore changed the expectations of candidates towards the definition of a good application process.

Not all channels are the same!

In addition, our respondents gave insights into which elements are essential to them on which channel – and convincing for an application. Big knowledge gained: You should not handle all channels equally. Depending on the entry point, applicants want different information and topics.

Download our free study and find out what convinces applicants. In addition to the analysis, we have included three concrete recommendations for action for you to be able to create the perfect candidate journey.

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