The New Era of Work (Part 2) – What role will the office play in the future?

Updated on: 8. December 2023

The first part of our study describes what job seekers look for in the application process and how employers can convince job seekers. Part shows you how job seekers imagine…

Future of the Office: Hybrid office work, training und ergonomic home office

After looking at the changed application processes in the first part of our study, we now asked job seekers how they imagine the new working world. We wanted to know how they will structure their everyday office life, what further training is essential, and what challenges there will be in health management if the future employee only works from home

What do HR managers and job seekers say about:

  • a flexible mixture of office and home office,
  • how health management will be handled in the future and
  • which training offers are necessary for home office.

They knew what was coming…

HR managers have already recognized that training measures are required for the home office. Companies should adopt health and facility management and the work organization to the new reality. However, only the smallest portion of HR managers have implemented these measures.

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