Job Change 2022 – quitting before a new job assurance?

12% of respondents precisely do that. Find out in our recent study the reasons for quitting without an assurance of a new position and how you can prevent this!

The “new” BIG QUIT is here!

Yes, HR is challenged by the shortage of skilled workers – but today, companies even struggle to find any employees in general. At the same time, nearly 70 % of all surveyed employees seek a new job voluntarily. Not just any job – but a better job and with a better employer.

2,196 study participants gave insights to:

  • what reasons make employees look for a new job,
  • how long the phase is between first doubts and an application for a new job,
  • and whether this new situation depends on the level of education or work experience.

And employers? Everything remains the same.

47.9 % of respondents would have liked to stay with their employer. Appreciation or a higher salary could have prevented them from quitting. The other half, however, had already given up hope that the employer would ever address their wishes or points of criticism.

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