Survey: Candidate Experience 2020 (Part 2): Application processes and candidate perception

After examining the entry points of the candidate journey in part 1, we asked 6,720 applicants in part 2 what they expect in the application process.

The result: Procedures must be carried out faster and with a better service orientation. Specifically, we asked our participants about these topics:

  • What do applicants expect in application processes in terms of speed?
  • What do they expect at job interviews and introductory conversations?
  • What puts applicants off when they apply – and what convinces them?

In the third part of the study, you can read how different starting points for the job search affect the candidate’s journey.

The application process is part of your message to applicants.

The results reveal: Real content is the key. Authentic communication is convincing – including, for example, application processes, introductory conversations, content on job ads, and career pages.

Based on the answers, we give seven concrete recommendations for action for employers.

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