Onboarding Reloaded 2022 – Are you done after 100 days?

What do new recruits expect during the onboarding, and what is a total no-go? Reduce your onboarding effort in recruiting by reading our study!

When does the recruiting process end?

17.8% – that’s how many new employees quit their job in the first 100 days. In our 2018 study “Probation Period for Employers” (currently only available in German), only 11.6 % of new employees thought of taking this step. A significant increase, considering the uncertain circumstances due to the Corona pandemic. How does a good induction process look, and how can it be implemented?

2,160 respondents give feedback to:

  • what job seekers want to know about onboarding before the first interview,
  • how the behavior of managers can negatively impact the onboarding process,
  • and whether new employees prefer virtual onboarding.

“I’m out of here!“

Already in 2018, a good onboarding process was crucial for the satisfaction and retention of new recruits. With increasing job offers and significantly lower demand, onboarding is even more critical than it was a few years ago. If candidates are frustrated because of an unsuccessful onboarding period, they quickly jump ship again – after all, there are plenty of other attractive offers!

Therefore, if an employer does not want to invest all its recruiting resources in constantly filling positions, they have to start thinking of onboarding as part of recruiting process.

Find out in our free paper, what a successful onboarding looks like and what applicants expect from employers.

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