Updated on: 27. December 2023

In the face of the current economic changes and skill shortages, many companies are facing new challenges when it comes to finding and hiring talented individuals, particularly when it comes…

In the face of the current economic changes and skill shortages, many companies are facing new challenges when it comes to finding and hiring talented individuals, particularly when it comes to the younger demographics and so-called digital natives. Printed media is virtually obsolete to Generation Y, who are accustomed to communicating, socializing and staying informed via technology. Recruiters therefore, are leaving behind the old world of job sections and venturing into new ground in the hunt for the digital natives.

What Is E-Recruiting?

Today’s recruiters are striking where the majority of Generation Y reside – the internet. The rapid rise of digital technology, and it’s popularity amongst the younger demographics, has created a new form of recruitment via the web. This technique, generally referred to as e-recruiting or online recruitment, essentially conveys the computer or web-based search for potential employees.

Where does E-Recruiting take place?

Fortunately for recruiters there are a number of online platforms to find and attract candidates, beginning with job boards. Monster and StepStone are two of the most popular online employment sites on the web, allowing millions of job seekers and employers to find each other every month. With billions of users logging in everyday, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly rising in the recruitment realm, particularly for those on the hunt for younger demographics. Last but not least however, the majority of corporate websites now include a career section, in which candidates can search and directly apply to open positions. According to a recent study 87% of vacancies are now published on corporate websites, 61% are advertised on employment sites and only 20% in printed media.

How is E-Recruiting accessed?

With the use of technology such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like, today’s candidates can search and apply for jobs online virtually 24/7. Most employment websites have mobile apps for smartphone users, and naturally all of the leading social platforms are accessible via mobile. Naturally, desktop computers are still the original and most popular tool used for the online job search as well as the favored tool for recruiters to post ads.

The Benefits of E-Recruiting

The numerous possibilities of e-recruiting offer a number of advantages to applicants and employers alike. Online recruiting has streamlined the recruitment process by increasing the range of jobs available, making it easier for candidates to apply for work, and for recruiters to receive applications. Web-based searches allow candidates to search specifically for jobs in their field, and quickly apply within a few steps. Recruiters on the other hand, can also set pre-defined criteria which will automatically organise incoming applications, making it easier for them to choose the right candidates. Essentially, E-Recruitment saves both parties time and money by eliminating the need for lengthy application processes, paper applications and man hours.

E-Recruiting with Softgarden

Asides from being able to post ads simultaneously to numerous online employment sites, university and college career pages etc, softgarden can assist companies in creating their own job market on their corporate website and social media channels. Additionally the softgarden social recruiting tool ‘jobs-for-friends’ is another program available, which enables employers to recruit online through their existing staff networks. See the softgarden website for more details.