Grossmann & Berger

Online assessments for the perfect employee match

In a high-cost industry with demanding customers, Grossmann & Berger needs employees who are a perfect fit to build customer relationships in the spirit of partnership.

About Grossmann & Berger GmbH

Grossmann & Berger GmbH is one of the leading property service providers for the sale and letting of commercial and residential properties. With its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich, the group of companies comprising Grossmann & Berger and E & G Immobilien is represented 25 times throughout Germany.

General conditions

Industry: Real Estate
Size: 190 Employees
Customer since: 2017
Wanted job profiles: Trainees as estate agents and advisors in the commercial, investment, and residential sectors

Reliability and good partnerships – Hanseatic virtues that are highly valued at Grossmann & Berger. In January 2020, they integrated the online assessments from e³ GmbH hr software + consulting into softgarden to find employees offering the perfect fit.

“Good and long-standing cooperation, be it with customers or employees, has always been a hallmark of Grossmann & Berger and is an important success factor. In this respect, the online assessment from e³ skillware provides us with valuable information about the most important skills of our applicants, such as sales aptitude. We use this to objectively assess whether trainees are a good fit for us. Through the seamless integration in softgarden, we also have all the information in one place.”

Dana Gotzhein, HR Manager at Grossmann & Berger

Challenge: To find long-term employees who are passionate about the property industry.

For Grossmann & Berger, a long-term relationship based on a partnership between property consultants and clients is the fundamental prerequisite for trusting cooperation. Property consultants must deal with the acquisition and consultation of customers, the further development of their expertise, and working towards a long-term goal in their daily tasks. The company has therefore identified that good-fitting applicants are essential – and that also applies to trainees.

As a result, Grossmann & Berger can make recruitment decisions more objectively with the online assessments from e³ skillware. At the same time, the assessments are uncomplicated and varied for the applicants. Instead of making decisions following the initial interviews, specified skills are screened for before the interview process to ensure that the future trainee is the best fit.

The result: More suitable recruiting – and faster too.

Grossmann & Berger implemented the softgarden applicant management system in 2017. In 2020, the integration of the online assessments from e³ GmbH hr software + consulting was completed, allowing Grossmann & Berger to test personal, social, cognitive, and leadership skills. As an online analysis tool, it can be used to select suitable candidates even before the first interview. At Grossmann & Berger, the tool is primarily utilised to select trainees. Especially for those candidates, the company needs to identify skills such as analytical thinking, independence, and sales ability so that a trainee develops into a long-term employee.

Integrating e³ skillware in the softgarden Applicant Tracking System is seamless; it allows an invitation to an individually assembled or preconfigured online assessment to be sent directly from the system. All the data collected online is consolidated here and presented clearly in a results report. Grossmann & Berger values both the ease of use and the additional objective information gained about its candidates.

This allows the company to reduce its time-to-hire enormously and invite suitable candidates to an interview in a flash. The interview guidelines can then be used to conduct and assess structured interviews. Thanks to the standardized application process, Grossmann & Berger can compare its candidates better and select the most suitable.

Conclusion: Recruit perfect candidates fast.

Perfect interaction of the softgarden Applicant Tracking System with e³ skillware

Hiring employees who are a perfect fit and so there long-term is Grossmann & Berger’s trump card.

Time savings thanks to higher quality talent

You can identify whether an applicant matches the job profile before the first interview. Pre-selection means only the best are invited to an in-depth interview.

Fitting employees & cost savings

The best fit is the basis for long-term employee retention. Save the cost of vacancy for restaffing a position.

Quick, easy processes

Thanks to the 100% integration, assessment invitations, evaluations and
decisions can be made quickly in one tool – then it’s just one more click to the
interview stage.

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