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Online assessments for the perfect employee match

The estate agents at Grossmann & Berger have been relying on softgarden's applicant management system for some time, ensuring faster and leaner processes. The online assessment from e3 skillware, which is fully integrated into softgarden, was added at the beginning of 2020. Grossmann & Berger now finds suitable trainees and employees even before the first…

About Grossmann & Berger GmbH

Grossmann & Berger has a history stretching back almost a hundred years and is one of the leading property service providers - for both commercial and residential property. The company employs almost 200 people and focuses on the metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Berlin as well as the island of Sylt. With its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich, the group of companies comprising Grossmann & Berger and E & G Immobilien is represented 25 times throughout Germany. With its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich, the group of companies comprising Grossmann & Berger and E & G Immobilien is represented 25 times throughout Germany.

General conditions

Industry: Real Estate
Size: 190 Employees
Customer since: 2017
Wanted job profiles: Trainees as estate agents and advisors in the commercial, investment, and residential sectors

Grossmann & Berger has always been characterised by good, long-term cooperation, whether with customers or employees, and this is an important success factor. The online assessment from e³ skillware provides us with valuable information on the most important competences of our applicants, such as sales aptitude. We use this to assess even more objectively whether trainees are a good fit for us. Thanks to the seamless integration in softgarden, we also have all the information in one place

Dana Gotzhein, Personalreferentin bei Grossmann & Berger

Finding candidates with a passion for real estate

The real estate sector is high-priced and customers are demanding. Grossmann & Berger can only build successful client relationships with the right people.

A long-term relationship based on partnership between property consultant and client is the foundation of Grossmann & Berger’s success.

Property consultants must acquire and advise clients, constantly develop their own expertise and work persistently towards a goal. The company has long recognised that a good candidate fit is crucial – even for trainees. A good fit increases the chance that a trainee will become a long-term employee.

For an informed decision: online assessment before the interviews

Grossmann & Berger wanted to make its recruiting decisions more objective than before. In collaboration with softgarden, the online assessments from e³ skillware were integrated.

The real estate professionals now recognise an applicant’s skills immediately. As a result, Grossmann & Berger not only finds the best candidates, but also reduces its recruiting costs.

The assessment is also uncomplicated and varied for the applicants. They now take place before the first interviews and provide Grossmann & Berger with crucial information on the suitability of the candidates.

e³ skillware can be seamlessly integrated into softgarden’s applicant management system. Grossmann & Berger can send invitations to a customised or preconfigured online assessment directly from the system.

All the data collected online is then collated and clearly presented in a results report. Grossmann & Berger appreciates both the ease of use and the additional objective information it obtains about its candidates.

More precise and faster recruiting

With the online assessments from e³ skillware integrated into softgarden, Grossmann & Berger tests personal, social and cognitive skills before the first interview. The property service provider was able to shorten its time-to-hire enormously, invite suitable candidates to an interview more quickly and compare its applicants more objectively. The standardised application process optimises recruiting – especially the selection of trainees.

  • Save time through better pre-selection: Recognise whether your candidate matches your job profile before the first interview. This allows you to invite only the best candidates to an in-depth interview.
  • Lower costs, better employee fit: Reduce your cost-of-vacancy for filling a position and secure employees who will support your company in the long term.
  • Speed up and simplify processes: Assessment invitation, evaluation and decision all in one tool? The complete integration in softgarden makes it possible. Then it’s just one click to the interview.

Download now: Case study ‘The perfect fit as a success factor’

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