Does Your Career Site Show off Your Best Side?

Updated on: 17. November 2023

A great career site is arguably one of the largest deciding factors for candidates who choose to apply to your company. Are you making the most of yours? Today we’re…

A great career site is arguably one of the largest deciding factors for candidates who choose to apply to your company. Are you making the most of yours? Today we’re going to take a look at the top 4 features every career site ought to have, and how softgarden can help you achieve them.

Does Your Career Site Show off Your Best Side?

Links to Social Media

Every year the Swedish recruitment market research firm Potentialpark conduct a survey to rate hundreds of companies on their recruitment practices. Over the last decade they’ve noticed an overwhelming correlation in companies who are both favoured by candidates, and using social media as part of their recruitment strategy.

The majority of today’s job seekers expect to find their employers on Facebook and LinkedIn, however little known to some it’s equally as important to feature links to social media on the company career site.

Most modern day candidates are experts at searching the web for relevant information on a company. Providing links to social media not only speeds the process up but it offers job seekers a transparent view of a company brand.

With softgarden you can easily add clear social links to you career site. From Twitter to Facebook, Xing to LinkedIn – whatever your social site of choice, your candidates can discover the information they’re looking for at the click of a button.

A Mobile Friendly Career Site

Mobile job search and application is rapidly becoming one of the most favoured methods for today’s job seekers. Unsurprisingly the top ranking career sites on Potentialpark are also mobile optimized.

A mobile friendly career site allows candidates to search and apply on the move, for example on public transport or during a lunch break. The easy access isn’t just convenient for job seekers but it increases overall numbers of job applications.

A softgarden career site is automatically mobile optimized, meaning your applicants can easily view and apply for jobs via their smartphone, ipad, laptop or any other mobile device whenever they want.

Employer Branding

A great career site doesn’t just advertise job vacancies but it convinces candidates to apply via great employer branding. Brand authenticity is a crucial part of the hiring process, it starts from the moment a candidate sets eyes on a career site.

Ideally the career site should have an attractive, clear layout accompanied with a prominent call to action, in this case the ‘apply’ button. However, just as important is personal elements such as staff photographs, testimonials and the like.

It’s a balance of the two which appeals to professionals with both the skill and the personality for your work environment. Not only is this a competitive advantage, but a well developed employer brand is more likely to attract the right personalities for your company.

When you design a career site with softgarden you’re provided with a clear, coherent template to essentially ‘fill out’ however you want. You can customize your logo and colours, add photographs, testimonials and tailor your page to suit your unique brand.

Unsolicited applications

Naturally there won’t always be a position for everyone, or perhaps you’re just not hiring at present. In this case it’s useful to offer the visitors to your career site the chance to send an unsolicited application.

Ideally by the time a vacancy does appear you will have already collected a fair amount of potential candidates to contact. Least of all it’s a nice gesture which doesn’t do any harm to your employer brand.

with softgarden you can make use our API to add this option to your career site, however you can just opt to include the new ‘get connected’ button to give your visitors the chance to automatically join your talent pool.

Are you making the most of your career site?

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