Career website advanced: Part 3

Updated on: 17. November 2023

In the last two episodes of our series about the perfect career website we already gave you various suggestions how to setup a great career website. Today we would like…

In the last two episodes of our series about the perfect career website we already gave you various suggestions how to setup a great career website.
Today we would like to round up the series with some aspects regarding the content of your career website which provides your website the final touch. Even though we recommend to implement these features please see them more as nice to have instead of a must have.

Final touch for your career website

Don’t underestimate a live chat option!

I guess you don’t offer the option to ask you questions anonymously. A live chat option is the best way to do so. Candidates and employers are able to get in touch without using a personal mail address or offering other private data. Without such an offer you might lose potential candidates who simply did not apply because they still had open questions. These live chat options integrated in a website are getting more and more popular. I guess everyone of you already visited a website where suddenly a chat window poped up asking you “Would you like to chat with one of our employees…?” And to be honest: I already made use of this function as it is the fastest and easiest way to clarify open issues. Especially if you are hiring many different roles you will be surprised how many candidates have open questions before they acctually apply. The live chat offers you the possibility to get in touch with job seekers who might be just curious about your company and the jobs you offer. If you actively answer their questions you probably gain candidates who would not have applied for one of your jobs. If you like this idea but you think your recruiting volume is too small for implementing a live-chat, just use a simple mail address for this purpose such as

Be a little funny!

It does not matter how but please do us a favour and don’t forget the fun on your career website. A list of open jobs is great but next to the hard facts about your company the applicants would like to know your emotional and soft side as well.  What about an online game? In a little box you could show how good your employees succeeded in a quiz adding the question: “Can you make it into the top 10?” Motivated candidates will be curious about this funny challenge. You don’t even have to connect this challenge with the application process. It just shows your candidates that you have more to offer than just a job, namely a pleasant and challenging working atmosphere.

Think about the “5 reasons why people should work for you”.

Maybe you even find 10 good reasons why a candidate should become a part of your team, it does not matter how many of them, just do not forget this part on your career website. Ask your employees how they would promote your company if they had to sell it to their friends. “ We are able to work two days per week at home!”, “We have free childcare!”, “Once a month we organize some funny after work actions.”, “We are market leader!” just start to be creative and with your employees you will find a lot of reasons which convince your candidates.

So now you have all the information you need, let’s go! 😉

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