Central data storage within the recruiting process

Central data storage within the recruiting process

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E-recruiting systems provide you with an overview of the entire recruiting process. In practice, it happens that many documents belonging to a single candidate are scattered in different mails and folders. It quickly becomes complicated if you have to sort through documents and messages to store them in one main folder so that other people are able to get access to it.


Instead, the entire recruiting process should be transparent and easily comprehensible. Making it so will be difficult if you have to do it manually. With high-end e-recruiting software, you can handle your data in a structured way in a central folder. The recruiter knows immediately where the documents are located and which step within the recruiting process comes next. This enables the recruiter to manage different recruiting processes at the same time without losing track of something. The efficiency of e-recruiting software is measured by its data management and its ease of use. It should have the following specifications:

  • Central data storage: High-end e-recruiting software provides a central data storage on a server so that you are able to have access at any time and any place.
  • Central correspondence: Your are able to send e-mails from an interface in the software. Your e-mails are automatically assigned to your candidates. This makes your external and internal correspondence transparent.
  • Different applications at the same time: Your recruiters are able to handle different applications at the same time without losing track of the data and the ongoing process.
  • Optimised workflow: Your previously defined workflow allows you to easily have an overview about the different recruiting processes.

A high-end e-recruiting software package easily helps you save time and avoid stress while managing your data and providing you with an overview about your working process. This is an advantage for all. What do you think? 😉

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