5 Women HR Bloggers You Should Be Reading

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Everyone has their favourite food, fashion or lifestyle blog but what about Human Resources? The Web is full of excellent HR blogs and believe it or not, they’re far from…

Everyone has their favourite food, fashion or lifestyle blog but what about Human Resources? The Web is full of excellent HR blogs and believe it or not, they’re far from the boring depths of legal issues and employee stratagy. We’ve rounded up the top 5 best women HR bloggers who aren’t just experts in their fields, but entertaining to boot. So grab a coffee, have a browse and (hopefully!) learn something new along the way.

5 Women HR Bloggers You Should be Reading

1. Evil HR Lady

Unlike the name of her blog, author Shauna Moerke is more genius than evil. Her articles are original, to the point and more importantly useful. Shauna mixes equal doses of dry humour, clever analogy and frankness to discuss all things HR; From stereotyping candidates and the benefits of a 4 day work week to getting outfit tips off of Pinterest. Plus, she regularly responds to reader emails and requests.

Check out her blog at evilhrlady.org and follow her her on Twitter @RealEvilHRLady

Tip: Shauna is also the author of HR Minion, another excellent blog that’s gained huge popularity in the HR community since it’s birth in 2008. See for yourself at hrminion.com

2. HR Ringleader

Author Trish McFarlane is a woman of extensive experience. As the Vice President of HR Practice at The Brandon Hall Group and a former HR executive with 15+ years experience in accounting, PR, healthcare and IT, Trish is more than well equipped to dish out advice. Which she does on an almost daily basis on her world-renowned blog HR Ringleader.

Read more over at hrringleader.com and follow Trish on Twitter @TrishMcFarlane

Tip: Not content with one award-winning bog, Trish also co-founded HRevolution to highlight emerging trends and the future of HR, and the Women of HR blog to address issues affecting women in the workplace.

3. Laurie Ruettimann

Up until February this year Laurie was better known as the author of The Cynical Girl: A frank, no holds barred site covering all things HR, employment and technology. Since then Laurie’s started afresh with a more personal blog under her own name. For her latest HR insights and tips, as well as suggestions for the best food for barf-free cats (rabbit, apparently), head over to laurieruettimann.com

Tip: Laurie’s original blog is still online and packed with quick-witted, entertaining and (last but not least) HR-related articles for all to enjoy, take a look over at thecynicalgirl.com

Follow Ruettimann on Twitter @lruettimann

4. HR Bartender

In author Sharlyn Lauby’s own words she “created the HR Bartender blog so people would have a friendly place to discuss workplace issues” – and she managed just that. With over 20 years professional HR experience Lauby has become a self-invented HR ‘Bartender’ – a friendly face who listens, offers advice and encourages you when times get tough.

See for yourself at hrbartender.com or on Twitter @hrbartender

Tip: HR Bartender is regularly featured in ‘Top 10’ lists, however it’s not the only place that you can find Sharlyn’s solid advice. She’s a regular contributor to Mashable – a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Check it out at mashable.com

5. Ask a Manager

Last but not least we’re including Ask a Manager, which is awesome because author Alison Green is basically a HR agony aunt. Workmate hitting on you? Ask Alison. Being head-hunted and not sure how to play it? Ask Alison. Her sound advice is often followed up with enough worthy reader comments to solve any work-related dilemma.

Visit the blog at askamanager.org and follow Alison on Twitter @AskAManager

Tip: Ask a Manager makes addictive reading, once you start it’s hard to stop, which is great because there’s a lot to learn from Alison’s hands-on wisdom. For a quick fix hit the ‘Surprise me’ button and you’ll be rewarded with a randomly selected article from the blog archive.

Unfortunately that brings us to the end of the list but of course there’s plenty more excellent HR blogs out there, and we’d love to hear about your favourites – feel free to add to the list by adding your comments below.

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