Multi Posting

Multi Posting

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Multi Posting

When professionally done, the search for top talent and the process of filling vacancies can cost an employer a considerable amount of man-hours and monetary expense. Job advertisements must be conscientiously written in order to be posted to jobs boards, social media platforms and the employer website. According to the recent study “Recruiting Trends 2013” only 19 percent of today’s jobs are being published in print media, the rest are to be found online. The benefit of this is the increased relevance of online job platforms and the flexibility they offer to candidates and employers alike. In the current war for talent, skilled workers are hard to find. Alongside employer branding and positive Candidate Experience however, maximum exposure of job advertisements can give employers the competitive edge. Unfortunately job board ads come at a significant cost, and posting to each site individually can be time consuming – this is where multi posting comes into play.

Multi Posting

Multi Posting Saves Time

Multi posting offers a remedy to the time-consuming process of manual posting: Job advertisements are written and designed once, before being published across all of the company media channels simualtaeneously. Depending on the target audience and the need to fill a position, job ads can also be automatically posted to mainstream jobs boards such as Stepstone, Monster etc, or niche job boards such as 37signals or Authentic Jobs etc.

Multi Posting Providers

Asides from some specialized online platforms, most advanced forms of recruitment software enable employers to multi post their job ads. This gives employers the advantage of being able to simultaneously publish ads on their own career website as well as various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn. This way the exposure of job ads can be significantly increased. Some recruiting software – including softgarden – even allow companies to post to college websites, a particularly effective technique for recruiting young professionals.

The Advantage of Multi Posting

Multi Posting is advantageous for employers and applicants alike. The primary benefit to employers is the time and money saved with multiple job board postings, and the minimal effort required to post jobs across the board (whether locally or overseas). The increased exposure of jobs results in the improved efficiency of the entire recruitment process. A much higher number of potential candidates can be reached and therefore vacancies can be filled quicker. The benefit to the applicants is that they no longer need to sift through each and every single job portal in search of the perfect position.

Multi Posting with softgarden

softgarden automatically offers multi-posting as part of their software package. Existing job ads can be switched over to all of the relevant channels with the click of a button; this includes the company site and social media channels, mainstream job boards and college/university careers sites. Moreover, softgarden offers an integrated employee referral scheme, which allows employees to share vacancies across their social networks, (with the chance to earn a bonus for doing so). Additionally, thanks to an extensive job board network, companies can save up to 40% in comparison to posting on individual sites. See more on the softgarden website.

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