Do You Have an Online Application Process to Be Proud Of?

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Earlier this year softgarden teamed up with Heilbronn University to undertake a survey which asked participants how they felt about the online recruiting process. The survey was carried out not…

Earlier this year softgarden teamed up with Heilbronn University to undertake a survey which asked participants how they felt about the online recruiting process.

The survey was carried out not only to find out how the participants felt about current application processes, but how we can improve the experience for them. After all, the system needs to function smoothly for both recruiters and candidates in order for it to be most effective.

Th Online Application Process

The results were interesting, because although our participants showed a strong preference for online application, they also added some revealing comments on who they really felt benefited from E-recruiting, for example:

“Often the application portal are so un user-friendly and slow that they do nothing for the candidate, these programs only help HR”

Or, as written by another participant:

“Companies need to test their systems for ease of use and functionality before asking people to apply through them”

Clearly there are still people out there suffering from unnecessarily lengthy and complicated online job applications, and that makes us sad!

An Online Application Process To Be Proud Of

Here at softgarden we aim to make the online application process mutually beneficial for both Candidates and HR, in our eyes, they’re two sides of the same coin.

So, we’re going to have a look at how the softgarden application process can help you avoid some common candidate complaints, and of course, hire the best talent.

Mobile Optimized

First of all, softgarden allows candidates to apply via everything from their desktops to their mobile phones.

softgarden ads are automatically mobile optimized, meaning applicants don’t need to wait until they get home before they can apply to a position. It makes it easier for people to apply on the move, whether they’re on the train or on their lunch break, or even on the couch.

User Friendly Design

Our software is not just simple for recruiters to use, a softgarden career site makes it simple for applicants to spot and apply for jobs in minutes.

In fact, our clients Fresenius recently won an award for the best online application process thanks to their softgarden career site. Fresenius candidates can instantly find and apply for vacancies locally or worldwide thanks to an interactive job map, which is now available to all of our users.

Online application Job Map

A Personal Touch

One of the biggest complaints regarding online application is the lack of human contact, which is totally understandable. After all, we’re sociable beings – no one likes talking to a computer!

Fortunately we’ve been able to combine the efficiency of recruitment software without losing that personal touch. With softgarden you can personalise everything from your career site to your job ads and communication templates.

Personal Online Application

So, instead of applying to a faceless corporation your candidates can see who is their contact person from the get go. You can even add testimonials or staff photographs, it all contributes to an employer brand which your candidates will love.

Lost in Translation

Lots of candidates worry about where their online application ends up, that their details will end up floating around never to be seen by the human eye.

However, with recruitment software it’s not only more likely that all applications will get processed, but that each candidate will be equally viewed and discussed by the people looking to hire.

With softgarden you can view, rate and comment on candidates much in the same way Facebook users can comment on and ‘like’ a photo. The system makes it easier for the whole hiring team to see what’s going on, as well as reducing the chance that a candidate goes missing in the process.

Last but not least, if someone does manage to slip the net, the system will remind you about it. Whether they receive a thumbs up or down no applicant will be left in the dark about their status, meaning happier candidates, and a better employer brand!

More Opportunities

Now, we all know the feeling of having gone through an application process and either not hearing back, or getting a rejection. It’s not nice. Fortunately with softgarden you can easily offer further opportunities even if it’s a ‘no’ this time.

More often than not, the decision between candidates is a difficult choice to make. Although only one will get the job, it’s worth staying in touch with other highly talented applicants. Equally, those candidates would appreciate being kept on your books.

With softgarden you can invite your candidates to join your talent pool, meaning that when a position comes up that suits them, they’ll be the first to know about it. Plus it makes finding and hiring the right person easier for you.

“Easy, fast, no cost and uncomplicated”

Fortunately, there are many candidates who have had excellent experiences with online application processes, including the participant who wrote that, in his opinion, online recruiting was “Easy, fast, no cost and uncomplicated” – music to our ears!

Are you offering your candidates an online application to be proud of? softgarden is free to use for 14 days, no obligation, no credit card needed. Sign up today to see how recruitment software can improve your hiring process.

Image Reference – Flickr Lucidio Studio

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