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Updated on: 17. November 2023

Making the transition to recruitment software is a superb way to merge the many aspects of your hiring process under one umbrella. Everything from job advertising to applicant tracking, interviews…

Making the transition to recruitment software is a superb way to merge the many aspects of your hiring process under one umbrella. Everything from job advertising to applicant tracking, interviews to talent pipelines can be brought together to function as one (very efficient) recruitment solution.

Making the Most of Recruitment Software

As with any new system it can take a little while before you’re performing at full capacity. To combat this softgarden is designed for optimum user experience. Our recruitment software is simple to use from the get-go; No different than say, using Facebook for the first time.

However as straightforward as softgarden is, getting the best out of your recruitment software requires more than being able to operate a system. In order for you to reap the full benefits we’ve put together a list of some handy pointers.

Making the most of your recruitment software is easy, with a little know-how 😉

Have a trial run

Jumping in to the deep end isn’t always a bad thing, but if you have the option why not ease your way in with a trial run? With softgarden you can practice the job posting process from start to finish, completely privately for yourself and/or your colleagues.

We all know the saying; Practice makes perfect! So go ahead and test it out, a trial run helps you to test the waters meaning you can post your first job ad with confidence.

Custom Branding

softgarden recruitment software provides you with a professional template for your career site; It’s all yours to customize however you like, so make the most of it!

Adding your corporate logo is a great start, but you can further boost your employer branding by adding a header image. We recommend a professional picture of your employees or your working space, for an authentic career site that truly represents your brand.

Writing in the right tone

Although recruitment software covers pretty much most aspects of the hiring process, it can’t write your job ads for you as well (sorry!). This is where you need to evaluate exactly what you’re looking for, and how your written words will both attract the right person and convey your company personality.

If you’re unsure, it’s worth taking a look at what others have written for some inspiration. A simple job search on, say, Monster or LinkedIn will give you some examples of how to go about writing your job ad. Just take care you don’t accidentally end up plagiarizing, you still want your ad to be unique.


Possibly one of the handiest benefits of switching to recruitment software is the speed and ease it allows you to discuss and compare applicants within your hiring team.

With softgarden you can share your thoughts with our collaboration tool; Your team can either “agree” or “disagree” with you by clicking on a thumbs up or down symbol on your comment. These automatically tally up, meaning you can see the majority opinion at a glance.

So make sure you make the most of this by contributing to the discussion and agreeing (or disagreeing) with colleagues when it comes to applicants. Trust us, you’ll be surprised at how different the opinions of your team can be.

Make the most of referrals

At softgarden we understand the power of referrals and have therefore incorporated the tools for you to make the most of your social networks. As soon as you’ve made an ad, you can click and automatically share it through a variety of vessels.

Asides from being able to multi-post your ad across the Web, you also have the option to email the position to your colleagues and friends. It’s important not to miss out this step, since these are the people who are the most likely to yield the best contacts.

So don’t be shy, reach out to your personal network by dropping them a line with your latest ad, you’ll never know where your hidden talent lies unless you reach out for it.

Give feedback

Recruitment software makes it easy for users to communicate with candidates but it’s not just intended for those who make the grade. Part of the parcel of building pipeline talent is giving feedback to everyone, even if it’s a simple ‘thanks but no thanks’.

After all, you never know who your next brand ambassador will be. The candidate who didn’t make it this time might be ideal for another role, or perhaps their friend will. In other words, why burn your bridges?

Although we can’t draft the mail for you, softgarden does remind you if you’ve forgotten about someone. So make sure you keep up your positive employer brand by putting in the effort to let your candidates down the right way.

Recruitment software, when used alone, is already a huge step forward in streamlining your recruitment process but it would be a shame to leave it at just that. Putting in a little extra effort can yield a lot of extra benefit so get the best out of your recruitment software with these handy tips.

softgarden is free to use for 14 days, obligation free, no credit card needed. Why not sign up for our free trial today?

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