The recruiting revolution: softgarden enhanced by 1000jobboersen.de

The recruiting revolution: softgarden enhanced by 1000jobboersen.de

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softgarden and 1000jobboersen.de merged

With a new generation of confident young professionals entering the job market the stakes are high for employers looking to find and hire the best of the bunch. Today’s top talent expect the highest quality application processes and of course, we aim to deliver exactly that.

softgarden have now teamed with multi channel posting specialists 1000jobboersen.de to deliver the ultimate E-recruiting experience. It’s never been easier to find the right talent so quickly and cost-effectively!

1000 job boards for softgarden

So what does the merger mean for you? Well, softgarden and 1000jobboersen.de can now work together to deliver the best professional application tracking, employer branding and target-group-specific job posts on one platform.

1000jobboersen.de enrich softgarden with their extensive consultation expertise, and together we can now offer our clients more than 1.200 job boards to find the right professionals.

Win the War for Talent

With our extensive HR experience, the most modern technology, comprehensive analytical tools and our longstanding expertise in multi posting, our clients are now more than equipped to win the war for talent.

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