Recruiting out of the cloud: What does that mean for you?

Recruiting out of the cloud: What does that mean for you?

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Not only the weather is quite cloudy these days also the software industry is faced wit a cloud which is getting bigger and bigger. But compared with the weather this isn’t anything you have to worry about because cloud computing, the topic we are talking about, has many advantages for you to offer. The fact that you still might be critical is just natural. That’s why we would like to brighten this foggy cloud a bit. Like a lot software providers we also moved to the cloud with our erecruiting software. And we still like it there 😉

Recruiting and Cloud Computing

So, let’s see what are the main changes in using an applicant tracking system out of the cloud and what kind of advantages can you expect?

Installation time and effort? – None

You access a cloud software via the internet. All you need is an internet access and a browser.

Maintenance time and effort? – None

The provider is responsible for maintenance and updates of the software and this service is included in the regular fee (ok, at least in our case;)). A cloud software is even compatible with every operating system because the only thing you need is a browser. Your IT department will love you for this advantages – Isn’t this a wonderful promise? 😉

Financial effort? – nothing is for free, but…

You save costs for installation because you don’t need to install anything. You will be only charged for using the software and for its maintenance. How big your fee will be is depends on your demand. If your company and your demand on licenses is rising you can just upgrade your licence package. So your software just grows with your company. Because of such a flexible pricing also small companies are able to built up a professional recruiting which is affordable for them.

So, what are you waiting for?

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