How to apply quality management to your recruiting process!

How to apply quality management to your recruiting process!

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Total Quality Management, invented in the USA and optimized in Japan! Sounds more like a weird and unattainable management fantasy! But this approach actually might be a chance for your recruiting to crush old structures and processes for improving quality standards.

Here are three principles:

  • Quality is based on the customer: your candidate!
  • Quality is a task for all employees involved in the recruiting process: your recruiting team!
  • Quality mostly refers to processes, not to products: your recruiting process!
Improving your recruiting quality

Everyone involved is responsible for quality because everyone has a specific perspective on his part of the process. Everyone is invited to give feedback on how to improve the recruiting process or the part he is responsible for.
Especially companies still organising their recruiting with Excel and Access are forced to improve their recruiting processes. Why?

1. The more people involved in an improvised process, the more time is needed and the more errors occur in the process.

2. Long and complicated recruiting processes scare off your candidates.

3. You face a competitive disadvantage towards other companies that already improved their recruiting’s quality in a more consistent way.

A cultural shift to an improved quality in your recruiting can be implemented with the help of recruiting software which integrates everyone who is involved. Software is able to provide optimised processes which are oriented to the different needs of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. It’s a small challenge for the software, because everyone has different needs within the recruiting process. But it is definitely not impossible… 😉

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