Have You Used These Common Buzzwords On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Have You Used These Common Buzzwords On Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Last month LinkedIn published their list of the Top 10 Most Used Buzzwords of 2013, the winner?




Yep, good ‘ol Responsible was crowned top of the buzzwords used by over 259 million members worldwide. Twice as much as second contender “Strategic” and beating last years winner “Creative” by miles.

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most Used Buzzwords of 2013

– Responsible
– Strategic
– Creative
– Effective
– Patient
– Expert
– Organizational
– Driven
– Innovative
– Analytical

Recognise any of them? Of course you do! We’re all guilty of using these buzzwords, after all like a good clichés they’re popular for a reason.

Now that LinkeIn in has revealed all however, there’s no hiding from the fact we’re all using the same words to err, stand out from the crowd.

So, take a good look at your LinkedIn profile, see how many buzzwords you can spot and prepare for a new New Year’s Resolution!

“Use less buzzwords”

Here are some of our suggestions:

– Methodical
– Tenacious
– Wizard
– Dependable
– Assiduous
– Fresh
– Level-headed
– Sharp
– Diligent
– Zealous

What do you think? We hope they help to start your year with a bang 🙂 How great would it be if “Wizard” makes it into the Top 10 Buzzwords of 2014?

Have any more to add to the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, leave your suggestions in the comments below – oh, and Happy New Year!

Image Reference – Flicker SJ photography

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