Smoothly integrated job board on your career website

Smoothly integrated job board on your career website

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We already wrote about the career website before. Nowadays companies still invest a lot of money in their career websites and ignore the importance of the job board which is integrated in the career website. Therefore we now would like to discuss why the job board and the career website are so often separated.

Let’s assume that the main intention of someone who visitis your career website is to find an interesting vacancy. So why do you make it so difficult for your candidates to find the right position on your job board? This area of the career website is often more or less hidden and the search for jobs quickly gets frustrating for potential applicants.


Don’t make it more difficult than it should be; it is quite easy to smoothly integrate a job board in your career website. The button leading to your career website should be included in the main navigation of your homepage. And on your career website you should add starting points which lead to your job board. This way you make it a lot easier for your users and, at the same time, you improve the user’s experience during the application.

With different starting points you allow the candidate to apply easily as soon as he finds an interesting job. Another great effect is that your career website and your job board are not perceived as separated sites.

Keep in mind: During the “war for talent” you are in a competition for candidates at all times. They are just like your clients or customers. You have to struggle hard to get the attention of a candidate. Optimise your recruiting process until the end. It is not enough to just improve your career website superficially.

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