What will be the future of the office?

What will be the future of the office?

Are you prepared to meet the current needs of candidates? Find out in this paper, what type of working model convinces the best candidates!
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Office, home office, or remote work? These terms have never been as present in the working world as nowadays, after the corona pandemic. Employers are facing many challenges. They are not only struggling to find the right employee but also the expectations of applicants have risen in regards to where work should be carried out.

Based on our study “The New Era of Work (Part 2)” this paper will give you insights to:

  • What type of workplace do candidates prefer?
  • Advantages and challenges for employers regarding work at the home office?
  • What role does OHS play in the home office?
  • What is the perfect solution for both candidates and employers?

Download the free paper for an overview of our study findings and be prepared for the expectations of your future employees!

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