Use the full potential of your applicant tracking system – some advices

Use the full potential of your applicant tracking system – some advices

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Do you remember back in the days driving a car without a navigation system? It was ok if you knew the way, but shame on you if not. πŸ˜‰
Nowedays your navigation system knows the easiest way to your destination which makes driving much more comfortable and efficient, don’t you think?!?

So why don’t you use a navigation system for your recruiting as well? Meaning a tool which tells you the best way to your target: your candidate! It might be a poor comparison but we are close:

full potential of your applicant tracking system

You probably tried several strategies to find qualified candidates. But which one was the fastest and most efficient one? To find it out you can directly ask your candidates how they got aware of your vacancies. But if your are using a professional applicant tracking software you probably already found your navigation advise!

An applicant tracking system is able to evaluate your recruiting process and deliver key figures like time to hire, the candidates’ favourite application channel and many other useful figures just with a few clicks. With these reports you can easily track if your candidates used your career page, a job board or a job app from a smartphone to apply for one of your positions. So you get a clue which communication channal is the most efficient one. In times of social media and mobile internet with new tools and ways to get in touch every month it might be an indispensable tool!

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