The New Era of Work (Part 3) – Will management still be needed in the future?

What competencies and deficits do applicants and HR see in managers, and how should management be prepared for future tasks? Find out about this in the 3rd part of our…

Future of Leadership: Leadership skills, mental health, and training programmes

In the first and second parts of our study, we have shown how important candidates find the application process and their future place of work. However, we have not looked at the impact of the corona pandemic on the working environment. How should managers lead employees through virtual meetings in the future, what skills do they still lack, and do applicants and HR managers view this similarly?

The respondents (3,561 applicants, 251 HR managers) provided information about:

  • their managers and their competencies and deficits,
  • the influence of leaders on the mental health of employees,
  • and potential measures to prepare leadership for future challenges.

Fire or Hire – what do applicants think?

Many applicants favor replacing current leadership with new leadership or dispensing them entirely. HR doesn’t is as stringent and counts on training programmes for managers.

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