The New Era of Work (Part 1) – The importance of New Work

In the first part of our Future of Recruiting study, we took a look at the expectations applicants have of the digital application process and how HR managers assess them.

Future of Recruiting: Remote work, digital processes and New Work

We looked at whether applicants have already accepted the new normal after the corona pandemic. How is the job search of candidates affected by the possibility of remote work, how do candidates deal with digital application processes and interviews, and how this changed candidates’ expectations of New Work?

3,561 participants give insight to:

  • what impact location-independent jobs have had on their job search,
  • what they expect from the digitization of application processes and virtual interviews and
  • how the expectations towards their future employer changed.

But how about HR managers? What do they think about this development? We also took a comparative look at their answers and assessments.

Applicants one step ahead

It turns out that during the pandemic, applicants have quickly adapted to the new world of work with online job interviews. However, they’ve also adjusted their employer preferences. Now HR managers have to adapt and meet the new expectations.

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