How to Boost your Employer Branding and Attract Top Talent

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Since the age of advertising began, marketing has become integral to our society – whether we’re aware of it or not, the daily purchases we make are often a result…

Since the age of advertising began, marketing has become integral to our society – whether we’re aware of it or not, the daily purchases we make are often a result of good branding.

Imagine for example, making the choice between a supermarket own-brand product and it’s trademarked counterpart. Despite both being the same product, it’s often difficult to opt for the cheaper version – there’s just something about the branded product that’s more appealing.


The same theory applies to the job market. The concept of employer branding is based on developing a positive corporate public image, and as with any product, the employer needs to appeal to their target audience – in this case, job candidates.

How softgarden can boost your employer branding

Asides from making your hiring process more effective, softgarden software is designed for optimal candidate experience. In fact, the software was awarded for the best online application process in last year’s Apollo survey.

So, where can softgarden help your employer branding the most? As with most marketing campaigns, it all begins with a great ad.

Better Job Ads

For many candidates the job ad will act as an introduction to your company, therefore it’s vital for it to leave a great first impression.

softgarden software comes with a professional ad template which you can fill in according to your brand. The end result is a sleek, branded and professional ad which takes minutes to put together.

softgarden job ad

softgarden also encourage you to put a face to a name by adding a picture of a direct contact person. This gives candidates a real person to address their cover letter to and subsequently stay in contact with (as opposed to a computer).

Beautiful Landing Pages

Great employer branding means great design that’s not only attractive, but consistent. It’s no use advertizing a branded ad if it leads to a mis-matched landing page. softgarden software enables you to easily create a beautiful, branded career page for your site.

The career portal is also the ideal platform to advertise alternative vacancies or to encourage open applications. This way, candidates who aren’t able to apply for an open position have the option of joining your talent pool (so no one gets left out).

Quick Response

There’s no bigger bugbear for job seekers than being ignored, unfortunately it’s a pretty common occurrence – particularly with high volume applications.

Luckily, softgarden software can offer some help in that department meaning that even the candidates who don’t get through the net, are kept in the know.

softgarden users can either draft a unique response for their applicants, or rely on automatic notifications. Later in the hiring process the system will automatically remind you if a candidate needs contacting.

Effective communication is vital for employer branding, after all you’ll only be hiring a small percentage of your applicants. Remember, a great candidate experience applies to everyone who applies, not just those who are hired. This way even the candidates who don’t make it through will go on to become your brand ambassadors.

Easy Application

A long, drawn out application process can have a real negative impact on otherwise great employer branding. More often than not, most of the stages found in lengthy applications are irrelevant. softgarden whittles down the process to it’s bare essentials, making the whole process simpler for both you and your candidates.

The software is further designed to be used on any device, including mobile. Therefore, if a candidate wants to apply on the move they can – simply by uploading their Xing or LinkedIn profiles (it literally takes seconds).

Wider Reach

Thanks to softgarden’s multi-posting tool it’s never been easier to spread the word about a vacancy – and not just on online job boards. A click of a button will share your job ad on all of your social media sites in seconds.

All of your fans, followers, friends and various other social contacts will immediately be in the know. Employees can refer their friends and members of your talent community will appreciate the heads up.

Social sharing supports employer branding by reaching out to your existing audience on a more personal level, and more often than not this is where some of your top talent lies (particularly our social media obsessed Gen-Y’ers).

No Hiccups

Essentially the software makes sure that the application process run smoothly from start to finish, meaning it’s not only easier for your candidates to apply but the overall impression they get from your company is professional, appealing and positive – all the elements you need for great employer branding.

Want to see for yourself? softgarden is free to use for 14 days, just follow the link and see how it can boost your employer branding today.

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