How Recruitment Software Can Save You Money

Updated on: 17. November 2023

Recruitment software is often misrepresented as an expensive and/or unnecessary tool for small companies, particularly those who are looking to hire on a budget. However, far from being pricey the…

Recruitment software is often misrepresented as an expensive and/or unnecessary tool for small companies, particularly those who are looking to hire on a budget. However, far from being pricey the softgarden recruitment software is free and it can make a vital difference to your hiring process.

ho recruitment software saves you money

Traditional methods of recruitment are often time consuming, the upshot of which is usually cost. Recruitment software boils the recruitment process down to a more streamlined, efficient form of hiring for both the employer and the candidate.

This means that asides from making life easier, recruitment software makes hiring less time consuming and therefore more cost effective. So, with this in mind, lets take a look at some of the key area’s in which recruitment software can save you time and money.

1. Posting an Ad

Manually posting a job advertisement on job boards, your website and various social channels is in itself a pretty time consuming task. However, recruitment software won’t just multi-post your ad to all of your outlets automatically, but it’ll do so at a discount.

Posting ads through softgarden automatically gives employers a discount on the going rate, so depending on how many ads you’re posting and for how long, you can save up to 40%. On top of that you cut down on man hours, since multi-posting simply takes a click of a button.

2. Managing Applicants

Once applications come in, recruitment software will help you sift, organize, accept and reject candidates. Basically, everything that you would normally manually try to do is put into one place, making it much easier to navigate.

Using recruitment software doesn’t just make it simple to filter your incoming candidates, but you can hire the right person with the collaborative help of your colleagues by inviting them to use the program too.

So instead of wading through the process alone, help is always close at hand. As a result, the time it takes to hire is cut down dramatically, leaving you more time to decide on the perfect person – not just the first one who fits the bill.

3. A Wider Reach

Recruitment software makes sure you cover all bases from your website, university career portals, social networks, job portals and employee referrals. By spreading your net wider you increase your chances of attracting and hiring top-quality talent.

This means your chances of finding someone who is a perfect fit is much higher, and yet it doesn’t take you any longer than before. Essentially, using recruitment software means that your time to hire is reduced whilst the quality of hire is increased – it’s a win win situation.

Added to the fact that you can hire up to 5 employees for free with softgarden, it’s an ideal way to make your hiring process more efficient as well as being kind to the office budget.

4. No one slips the net

One of the biggest advantages of recruitment software is that it keeps you connected to your candidates, for your benefit and theirs. Firstly, by using the software you automatically build talent pools for future use – great for saving time in the long run.

On the other hand, your employer brand gets a boost thanks to the great candidate experience that your applicants receive. The application process is quick and simple, everyone who applies gets a reply and no-one gets forgotten in the process (with a little help from automated reminders).

Essentially your reputation as an employer is boosted for the long run, meaning before long – you’ll be an employer of choice (and I don’t need to explain how that will save time and money!)

Recruitment Software – Easy, Useful & Free.

So, give it a go. Anyone can try softgarden for free, for 14 days. No obligation, no credit card needed. What are you waiting for? Head over the softgarden website now and see how recruitment software can save you time, money and more importantly; Find you the perfect hire.

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