“45 % of our hires are from our own career page”

Testronic grew by 800 employees in the first half of 2021. Testronic managed 10,500 applications and 4,500 interviews during this time with the Talent Acquisition Suite from softgarden!






New hires

18 %

job offer rate

About Testronic Laboratories Limited

Testronic is a global leader in quality assurance, localisation services, compliance and certification. The company offers comprehensive testing and QA solutions for the gaming and film/TV industries and has been operating in the global market for over 20 years. With locations in the USA, Great Britain and Poland, among others, it draws on its vast experience and wide range of activities to offer its customers infallible quality, performance, value and security.

General conditions

Size: 1700 Employees
Customer since: 2020
Wanted job profiles: Functionality Quality Assurance (FQA), Localisation Quality Assurance, Player Support, Film & TV QA, Translation

A constant demand for new employees, and dozens or even hundreds of open processes per month is a situation the Testronic recruitment department has been facing for a long time. At the same time, the current situation on the job market, namely limited access to top talent combined with candidates’ growing expectations regarding the quality of processes and their impatience, has prompted the company to reach for solutions that would help it attract and hire the right people.

Cooperation with softgarden

“Before we partnered with softgarden, we had been using other recruitment solutions for a while, but they did not meet our expectations. First and foremost, they were not able to provide us with quality applications. We have been working with softgarden for 14 months now and have seen a massive improvement in both the quality and quantity of incoming CVs. The numbers speak for themselves – in the last 6 months we received 10,500 applications, based on which we arranged 4,500 interviews and ultimately hired over 800 people. This results in an 18% job offer rate. And what is very important for us – 45% of the hires were made through our own career page,” says Stephen Laverick, Director of Team Experience at Testronic.

“Working with softgarden is a great experience! Every person
we come in contact with is very helpful and open to our needs. The ideas we submit are taken into consideration for further product development, so we feel like our feedback matters at all times. And at the same time we can see how softgarden’s suite of solutions is evolving to meet the growing expectations of candidates in the job market.”

Stephen Laverick Director of Team Experience at Testronic

Recruiters’ and candidates’ perspective

Testronic recruits candidates with various specialisations and for different job levels, hence its recruitment processes are highly individualised and tailored to the needs of specific target groups. In order to efficiently publish jobs on different channels, the company uses the multiposting function, which is available at softgarden on both the free portals and the +300 paid international premium job boards.

The effectiveness of each channel is monitored on an ongoing basis, as are other recruitment metrics. As a result, the company optimises its recruitment performance on an ongoing basis. All data is automatically available in softgarden ATS, and generating comprehensive reports is possible with just one click. This makes the job of recruiters significantly easier and faster.

“We carefully track recruitment KPIs – they are vital for any business and very important for us to be up to date with how we perform as a team. We also make them visible on our career page.”

Stephen Laverick Director of Team Experience at Testronic

To increase conversion, Testronic diversifies available ways to apply, so potential candidates have the option to do so via LinkedIn, Facebook, or WhatsApp. A video application function is also available. “We give candidates every option they are interested in, just to make it easy for them to apply. We know that’s what they expect. Whatever the source of the CV, each one goes directly into our recruitment system where it is further processed,“ says Laverick.

Testronic checklist of most useful softgarden features:

  • simple multiposting of jobs
  • easy collaboration with the recruiting team at ATS
  • apply via Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, video
  • integrated solution for video interviews
  • smart calendar for simple scheduling of interviews with various members of the recruitment team
  • monitoring of recruitment KPIs, transparent reporting
  • simple, conversion-optimised career page creator
  • independent, third-party tool for collecting employer reviews
  • complementary partner solutions in softgarden Marketplace

Talent Acquisition Suite in use

“In my opinion, in today’s recruitment world, whoever does not evolve gets left behind. In the fight for the best candidates, the ones who count are those who are constantly following changing trends and are able to respond to current expectations. I agree with the approach that today’s candidates are like the users of Uber or Booking.com – they want to quickly receive all the information necessary to make a purchase decision. And we deliver exactly what they need using softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite.”

Stephen Laverick Director of Team Experience at Testronic

Career Page

Testronic uses softgarden’s products to their full extent – the Talent Acquisition Suite, which helps to attract top candidates and get them to apply, combined with the ATS system, which allows for quick administrative processes and accelerated hiring. The company’s current career page based on the Career Page Pro solution is fully mobile and SEO optimized. The recruiting department has full control over it and can easily add and update content published on it independently.

Feedback Solution

And its high ranking in Google is influenced by the integration with the Feedback Solution, through which Testronic actively collects and publishes its ratings of the company as an employer. Candidates visiting Testronic’s career page have access to the company’s full set of real and verified reviews, so they can instantly see the opinions of its employees and candidates involved in earlier processes.

“We want to be fully transparent with candidates, which is why I do not hesitate even for a moment to publish employer reviews on our career page. That’s why we’ve included key hiring metrics so that each user has a realistic expectation of the potential response time to an application or Time to Hire,” as Stephen Laverick puts it about the key elements of a career page that has increased its conversions.


With this approach, the page serves as a key recruiting hub at Testronic, responsible for the highest quality of applications. As a result, there is a very high percentage of hires directly from the career page, reaching as much as 45%. It’s also worth noting the top employer rating that Testronic received from interviewed candidates and employees – a score of 4.59/5, which, according to the Candidate Experience 2020 study, meets the requirements of even the most demanding candidates.

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