The softgarden Online Application Process Wins Again!

The softgarden Online Application Process Wins Again!

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We’re overjoyed to announce that the softgarden online application process has been rated first place by over 1,400 recent graduates! Following an APOLLO survey by online recruiting experts Potentialpark, our clients Fresenius were awarded first prize (for the second year in a row!)

After comparing almost 150 companies, the candidates voted the Fresenius online application process as the best. Isn’t it great when hard work pays off?

Fresenius online application

Searching for Jobs, Made Easy

All candidates head to a company career site with the same goal: They want to find what’s available and where to apply. However, narrowing down on the right job is often tedious and time consuming. More often than not candidates need to trawl through endless lists of criteria before finally finding what they’re looking for.

Thankfully, softgarden makes the online application process simple and user friendly. Whether your candidates are searching locally or worldwide, our newly developed Job Map shows them where they can apply at a glance.

A Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

Granted, a online application process is a relatively impersonal affair but it’s vital to give candidates a great impression at every level. Your career site is the perfect platform to not only advertise jobs, but to show off your employer brand. In addition to their job vacancies, Fresenius let their existing employees have their say about the company.

By including staff pictures and statements next to the relevant job posts, everyone can get a first-hand impression of how Fresenius function.

Fresenius online application

When Fans Become Candidates

The role of Facebook within recruitment is one that’s often debated. The number of Facebook users however, rises dramatically with every passing year. Amongst the billions of users, there are also huge amounts of potential talent, otherwise known as passive candidates – possibly the biggest benefit of social recruiting.

Fresenius have integrated their simple search Job Map onto their Facebook fan page, meaning their existing fans can spot and apply for vacancies as soon as they appear.

All of this was made possible by softgarden, that’s why Fresenius won The Best Online Application Process for the second year in a row! Want to benefit from award winning software?
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