Smile with rejections

Smile with rejections

Rejecting a candidate is not a pleasant task: With your rejection, once hopeful applicants can become saddened — an unpleasant situation for all.
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You can change this, by transforming a rejection into a new opportunity for them.

With our new softgarden update you can put a smile on your candidate’s face for this unpleasant situation.

It’s easy, once you have decided to reject a candidate and no longer have them them participate in your own talent pool, you can offer them the opportunity to find other opportunities in softgarden Network – with one single click.

Rejected candidates will automatically receive an invitation link that will give them the option (not mandatory) to create a softgarden Network profile where they will be able view other matching job offers. A win-win situation for you and the candidate.

You benefit because …

… your company is connected as a supporting parter to the candidate. Your employer brand is influenced positively.

… you gain access to eligible candidates from other participating companies. Because one company’s mis-match, may be a perfect match for you.

…you will receive a discount for being apart of the softgarden Network. Because as you and others join the softgarden Network it will grow.

We are planning, with the next update, to give you the option of selecting if you would like your rejected candidates to receive a softgarden Network invitation. Furthermore, you will be able to invite candidates participating in the softgarden Network.

Start having candidate rejections bring you a smile and the satisfaction that your rejected candidates will appreciate your gesture to give them additional opportunities.

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