Applicant tracking out of the cloud – Data security first!

Applicant tracking out of the cloud – Data security first!

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If you think about cloud computing most of us are probably still thinking about a black hole in which all of your data disappears and nobody knows what happens in there. But most of us also forget the fact that cloud computing is developing very fast. German cloud providers for example are bound to the federal data protection act. Also the huge discussion among private and corporate users about the German cloud, a German cloud infrastructure, is very promising.

You surly should look at the development with a critical eye because most of the cloud providers are still located in the USA and we all know that their privacy policy is not comparable with the German federal data protection act. So take care about which software provider you trust and in which country it is storing your data. If you are thinking about cloud computing you should be concerned about the two following questions:

  1. How is the access via the internet secured and monitored?
  2. Which firewall and log-in-mechanisms are used?

Ok, IT lesson finished. To answer this questions just ask your IT department about their objective opinion. 😉

Nowadays many initiatives are concerned about data security and looking for solutions. They might help you to find your professional cloud provider. In the cloud you definitely can make sure where your data is stored, who has access and which back up settings are used by the provider ..and everything in the spirit of the German federal data protection act. So make use of these information.

We are also supporting the topic “Cloud Service Made in Germany” because it is very important to us to offer our clients hosting which is made in Germany. Start to use the advantages which cloud computing provides you with in the HR-sector and stay interested in the fast cloud development – without losing your critical perspective of course 😉

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