Life Careerism, Are You Offering It to Your Candidates Yet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Life Careerism, Are You Offering It to Your Candidates Yet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In a recent report from Universum, a global leader in employer branding, the company highlights the rising value of life careerism for our emerging professionals. Apparently today’s younger generations are looking for meaning in their work, not just a paycheck, and according to Universum, it’s up to employers to deliver the goods. But how do they do it? Well according the to report, employers need to provide the following:

Optimized Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Today’s young professionals aren’t just looking for a promotion or a bonus at the end of the month, for them EVP means a sense of inclusion, a workplace ‘family’, pride and connection to a job. Life careerism means enjoying being at work, not just putting up with it.

Innovation, Empowerment and Social Responsibility

According to Universum, young people want to “contribute to a company’s mission and its role in society, in conjunction with their own personal development”. In other words, they want to feel part of the company, not just another cog in the machine.

A Career Path for Work and Life

Today’s student and recent graduates are looking to embark on a career path that will fulfill their life goals as well as their professional goals. Life careerism means just that: Life and work and life are merging, the two must be complementary – not holding eachother back.

A Voice in Social Media

Modern employers must engage in open and honest discourse online in order to win the hearts of our emerging workforce. Young people place great importance on social media and communication, and it’s important for employers to be both present and active online.

With many employers already heading in the right direction, it’s only a matter of time before life careerism becomes the staple for employers of choice. What do you think? Check out our infographic for a bite-size breakdown of life careerism and let us know your thoughts.

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