Latest Research on E-Recruiting by softgarden

What do candidates expect from the online application process? What do they think of social and mobile recruiting? And how does application process affect their view of the employer, the company and their products? Find out in our free surveys.


Application Processes and Brand Perception

Bad application processes reduce the prospects of finding appropriate candidates. Moreover, they take their toll on the good reputation of companies. Such are the results of a joint study by softgarden. Get the free eBook now.

How to Track Applications Fast and Secure

Do you spend too much money attracting the right candidates? Once you’ve filled out your pipeline, it’s essential to screen fast and provide feedback to candidates within 2 weeks. Here are some hidden secrets gathered from the best employer brands in the world.

How to Surprise Candidates with a Smooth Online Application Form

Candidates are comfortable with facebook’s usability. They expect the same when they apply online through your website. This eBook gives you an overview of what to consider when deploying an online application form on your website.

What You Need to Know about Data Security When Using an ATS

If you use an ATS you probably store personal data on a hosted system. This eBook gives you an overview of data security, and what to look for when choosing an ATS vendor.

HR-Suite or ATS? Here Is the Answer!

As most HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) also support basic functionalities for applicant tracking, sometimes it’s not so easy to decide on a separate ATS. This eBook provides some guidance.

How to shape efficient job interviews

Job interviews can be intimidating for applicants. Just the thought of it can be accompanied by sweaty palms and a racing heart. Even for recruiters, interviews can be uncomfortable. So how do you manage to make the best selection in a short period of time? Which applicant is truly the best fit for the company? This interview guide has answers.

Hire the best candidates with fast recruiting processes

Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


Inspire candidates with authentic employer reviews

Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates