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Talent Community

Talent Community In the war for talent companies are going to great lengths to win over skilled professionals, but more competitive still, is the contest…



In the face of the current economic changes and skill shortages, many companies are facing new challenges when it comes to finding and hiring talented…


Talent Pool

Generally a Talent Pool can be described as a collection of potential candidate profiles (otherwise known as talent) accumulated by recruiters in order to sustain…


Talent Management

The term talent management describes the strategic recruitment planning and processes undertaken by an employer to find, hire and keep desirable employees. ‘Talent’ refers to…


Active Sourcing

Recent changes in Western economy have led to shortage of skilled workers, meaning that employers are no longer able to pick and choose from a…


The War for Talent

The War for Talent refers to the increasing competition between recruiters in the search for ‘top talent’ – a term given to highly skilled, educated…


Employer Branding

With the change in economy the job market has shifted and talented employees have become harder to find. These days it’s more likely that a…


Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience In the war for talent, a positive candidate experience can give an employer the competitive edge they need, in order to win over…


Generation Y

Generation Y Born at start of the 1080’s and later, Generation Y (also known as the Millennial Generation) are the demographic group following Generation X.…


Multi Posting

Multi Posting When professionally done, the search for top talent and the process of filling vacancies can cost an employer a considerable amount of man-hours…

Talent Relationship Management

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is generally described as the use of social platforms by recruiters to source candidates for hire. With over one and a half billion…