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location-independent recruiting​

Is your team spread over several locations, increasingly working from home or on the road?

work from everywhere

Recruiting is still an important factor for companies, even in the current situation.

With softgarden, you and your team can continue your recruiting activities even while working remotely.

Our free video interview meeting room makes it easy to conduct job interviews digitally.

With the softgarden recruiting software, you are always ready for action.

The Software-as-a-Service bundles your recruiting activities and offers its full range of features anywhere, any time.

How softgarden ensures your recruiting department is ready for action

Over 1,000 companies already use softgarden and are always ready for action whatever the recruiting situation.

Remain ready for action – thanks to video interviews

recruiting from home with video interviews

Schedule video interviews using the applicant tracking software – free integration, ready for use

Your advantages in detail

Map your processes digitally

Individual workflows digitally map your established recruiting process and pool all the information in one place. This means that your recruiting team is not tied to a specific location or time.

It also allows your team to maintain the efficiency they are accustomed to, even when working from home.

Get started immediately

Thanks to our fast onboarding process, you can get started in no time at all. Our support staff helps you create message templates and work with you to customise the templates for your job ads. You can contact your personal support advisor free of charge and at any time.

Communicate with applicants online

Send emails and interview invitations directly from the system and use customisable message templates – that all comply with the German General Equal Treatment Act – to meet your standards. All of your communication with the applicant is clearly structured and easy to understand.

NEW: Get to know applicants in a video interview

Use softgarden to schedule video interviews with the candidate directly from the applicant tracking system. To do this, you send the applicant an automatically generated meeting link to the video interview and invite up to four other colleagues. The video interview meeting room is available free of charge and does not require installation.

Fast team decision making

Work together in recruiting teams to fill vacancies and discuss and vote on applications via the chat, comments and our mobile app. Decisions about interview invitations are simplified by thumb voting and application assessments are communicated uniformly with the help of scorecard evaluations.

Security and privacy

Our cloud solution ensures the highest security standards for the storage and availability of your data. Both the ISO 27001 certified servers and the software are subject to regular security tests. And of course, the system has been designed in accordance with the GDPR from the very start.

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Are you wondering how softgarden can help you to recruit while working from home? Our software provides you with all the functions you need to continue your recruiting activities from anywhere.

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