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The easiest way of finding the best candidates with Active Sourcing

Save time and money while discovering candidates who are actively looking for a new job – with a pool of 4,000 new profiles per month.

Michael Owusu

Michael Owusu

Last application: this week

Alexandra Walker

Alexandra Walker

Process technician
Last application: this week

Martin Nilsson

Martin Nilsson

Industrial engineer
Last application: this week

Levi van Dijk

Levi van Dijk

Research Engineer
Last application: this week

Tim Peeters

Tim Peeters

IT system support specialist
Last application: this week

Vivian Cheng

Vivian Cheng

Project engineer
Last application: this week

Marie Beaumont

Marie Beaumont

Last application: this week

Targeted approach to look for new talents and immediate invitation to application submission

The fastest way to actively discover new candidates

Our intelligent filter options allow you to search thousands of profiles and gain access to complete candidate CVs.

With the softgarden Talent Network, we can use Active Sourcing to gain access to a pool of active applicants and invite suitable candidates to submit an application. This saves us time and money on recruitment and gives us an important competitive advantage."

Patrick Wintter

Authorised Officer, Euro-Schulen-Organisation GmbH

Access to +4,000 new candidate profiles per month

1,000 + employers have already joined – the Talent Network as a sharing economy

Suppose an especially interesting candidate has submitted an application, but doesn’t fit 100% to the job advertised. In this case, the employer invites the applicant to make themselves visible to other employers and jobs in the Talent Network. This means that the Network gains another interesting profile and the chances for candidates to get their next dream job are increased.

Access to +4,000 new candidate profiles per month

Every week, 1,000 + new candidates – from all professional categories and industries and at various different stages in their careers – add their application documents to the Talent Network. You will have full access to their profiles and can filter suitable candidates according to your own criteria.

Save time with Active Sourcing

Active Sourcing can use up a lot of time as candidates are often difficult to reach or not willing to change jobs. In the softgarden Talent Network, however, you will exclusively find candidates who are actively looking for a new job.

Contact candidates with just one click

Send a direct invitation to interesting candidates to apply for your job. This cuts out time-consuming efforts to contact candidates or to log in to other systems.

inviting candidates to interview

Invite candidates to apply for your job

Contact candidates with just one click and let them know you are interested in their profile. Candidates who have been invited to apply can then submit an application to you in a very straightforward process – as we already hold their application documents on file.


The softgarden Talent Network meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Candidates have already given their consent to the processing of their personal data and you will not need to store or transmit any data.

Decide as a team

The Talent Network is part of softgarden’s recruitment software. This means you can be sure that a transparent process is in place for the processing of applications from the Talent Network.

candidate ratings in app and desktop

Compare and choose candidates within your team

Applications that have been submitted to you via the Talent Network will appear in your Applicant Pipeline as normal. The option to compare applicant profiles, as well as chat and voting functions, makes it easier for you to come to a decision as a team.

Hire candidates faster

The best candidates will only be available for a short time. Use the Hiring Manager app to help your team to come to a decision faster and get your offer out to the candidate quickly.

The Talent Network is immediately available for use for all softgarden Applicant Management customers

The most important functions at a glance

Only contact candidates who are actively looking for a new position – with Active Sourcing

Digitise your entire recruitment process with the softgarden Talent Acquisition Suite

Impressive Career Page

The best candidates don’t want to go on a magical mystery tour. Impress top candidates by ensuring that you come across as a highly professional employer. Thanks to our modular principle, you can design your Careers Page with just a few clicks – without support from Marketing. 

Video recruiting immediately ready for use

Get to know candidates in a video interview, regardless of location, and in doing so shorten your time-to-hire – as a standard function, GDPR-compliant and at no extra charge. 

Faster recruitment processes

The best candidates are impatient and expect fast recruitment processes. With softgarden, you can digitise and simplify all your processes. Make decisions faster by using Applicant Management and our Hiring Manager app.  

Better employer reputation

Candidates looking for jobs always carry out research on employers before they submit applications. With our Feedback Solution, you will automatically collect reviews from both applicants and new employees – thereby optimising your online reputation as an employer. 

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Hire the best candidates with fast recruiting processes

Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


Inspire candidates with authentic employer reviews

Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates