WhatsApp in recruitment

WhatsApp in recruitment

Is WhatsApp the new super-tool for increasing conversions in recruitment? We think so! Let us show you why you should use it!
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You invest considerable resources in advertising on job portals, but the number and quality of CVs that come from there are not satisfactory? In fact, although 80% of candidates start their job search on these websites, only 12% apply directly there. The rest find out more about the employer online, visit its career site, and consider whether to apply.

What can you do to change this situation? Surely the ability to apply via online messaging is the answer for candidates who want the process to take 5-10 minutes and be as simple as possible. With an integration that allows candidates to do this via WhatsApp, you have the first important step behind you to increase the percentage of candidates who successfully complete the application process.


Download our publication and find out:

  • How the application process works via WhatsApp.
  • How WhatsApp in recruitment reduces pre-selection time.
  • Why the quality of applications received increases.
  • Why you should choose this solution.

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