E-mail chaos: now like water under the bridge

E-mail chaos: now like water under the bridge

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Do you have documents from your candidates scattered in different e-mails? It’s normal for candidates to not send their complete documents with the first e-mail: in many cases something is missing which means that you or your HR associates have to ask for it. Out of this situation the problem arises that many documents are saved in different e-mails.

The problem is not only that the documents are hard to find, but it is also an additional task to attach the different documents to the right candidate. Professional recruiting software can attach the different documents from different mails to the right candidate automatically. So your whole correspondence is saved in one place.

An integrated mail solution allows you to optimise your time-to-hire and makes your data management transparent. Let’s take a look what this means in detail…

  • You can optimise your time-to-hire as professional e-recruiting software is able to organise your correspondence concerning a specific candidate automatically. Neither you nor your recruiters need to search for candidates, documents etc. and get access from any work place. That will allow you to manage more applications and get the right candidates for your vacancies much faster.
  • Transparent data management makes sure that nothing gets lost. The recruiting process gets faster and more effective because of the optimised data management. You don’t lose time with searching and documenting your data yourself.

All in all, an integrated mail solution reduces your time-to-hire. Your software can easily manage your data while you can concentrate on more important tasks such as choosing your perfect candidate. That’s why you actually chose your job, right?

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