Social Recruiting Survey 2014 [Infographic]

Social Recruiting Survey 2014 [Infographic]

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Last week we published the first half of our 2014 Online Recruiting Survey which asked just over 1200 participants their opinions on E-recruiting. This week we’re revealing part two of our survey where we find out what candidates had to say about our favourite 2013 buzzword, social recruiting.

As the most rapidly developing method of 21st century recruitment, social recruiting is rapidly changing how we and our candidates treat the hiring process.

Not only has it sped up the time to hire thank to rapid sharing, but social recruiting has changed how people apply to jobs in the first place.

Nowadays applying by uploading part or all of your professional or social profile is becoming more and more common. In fact when asked what their preferred method of application would be, participants rated it as their third favourite after email or regular online application.

However, out of our 1200 participants only 26% had already applied to a job this way. Which implies that given the chance, more candidates would like to use their social or professional profiles for instant job applications.

Professional networks such as LinkedIn and XING have long since encouraged their members to upload their online profiles for quick job applications, and now with softgarden you can too.

Whether candidates are applying from their mobile phones or their desktops, they can click to apply to your vacancy in seconds.

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